dinsdag 31 januari 2017



Last day of January .
I like the sound of 2017.
I like my age .... 66 now.

I am used being retired
and I love being at home.
Always have .

The house is mine and all the time 
I have so many plans 
in my head ................
and none of them done 

with the new year 
I had to make a plan
chose one thing and
go for it .

I do have my own room upstairs 
with a very large "desk"
and room for all my things .
Its what I have dreamed of 
all the years when the house
was filled with children .
I had been used to have 
"my own space " everywhere .
Always where the children were .

Now having a whole room 
for myself was new.
At first I started collecting everything 
everywhere in the house and
bring it to my room .

so far so good 
but ever since it has become
more a storage than a work-room .

I admire the ones who know what they want .
Chaos in my head .
Every day I think TOMORROW it will be okay.

well it's not .

I decided enough is enough .
I did something realy fun
I ordered wine-boxes , wooden .
The ones for one bottle .
I have a dream
to put them on my desk next to each other
put ALL my 
paper , writingthings , pens , envelops
notebooks , writingpaper , stickers , labels
markers , postcards 
in them .

and starting to use my room and my desk
for where its made for .
and also to put an end to my always 
searching for things ........


my 2017 will bring me that .

do you have a wish for 2017 ?