zaterdag 21 juni 2014

sea sand and seashells summer


My most favorite summers
were the ones
when the children were little
summers at the beach
sea sand shells


we often were the last ones
to leave the beach

we stayed at my parents 
they lived near the beach
and the house had rooms for all of us 
I made pictures
and at the end when we had to leave
there was a beautiful book
with lots of fun memories.

we went "home" back to the city
with happy healthy children

we had to get used
to wearing shoes again

and when we had icecream
it was never as delicious
as grandmother's

summers bring new memories
my parents are long "gone"
my children are having their own summers
I am having summer
with my granddaugther 
not at the beach but in the garden.

I could live near the beach 
and have summers 
all over again
with the "children"
and their children

happy summer to all of you

zondag 8 juni 2014


"I do believe
in an everyday
sort of magic * *
the inexplicable connectedness
we sometimes experience
with places , people ,
works of art and
the like ;
 the eerie appropriateness
of the moments of synchronicity ;
the whispered voice,
the hidden presence,
when we think we're alone ....."

Charles de Lint 

When I was thinking about 
a name for my blog 
I could not have imagened
how suitable my choice would be.
When I am  looking for 
what and how to write here 
I often forget to stick to my choice !
* * by SURPRISE * *

I wanted to do my blog in english 
to meet bloggers from all over the world .
I love the language and that 
I am always learning .......
to express what I want to write 
in this beautiful language .
learning new words can make me so so happy .

I DO love the surprises
in each and every day .
I love my life at home .
and I am now 
off ...... to surprise you bloggers with a visit !

Happy Pentecost to all of you .