zaterdag 30 januari 2016

happy red


it all started with a wish
my wish 
to have my wall in my bedroom
R E D 
by the image above
to do something
really DO it 
by myself
from start to finish
for myself 
is what I am not good at ...
for sommeone else , no problem
for myself ..............

the plan 
it started with knowing
I have to  have a plan
with a beginning ....
 a middle and 
an end .

than I visited someone
who suffers from depressions
and I saw how her life was
and all the possibilities she has
but was  not able to use
and I realised
I had to take my own first step 
make my own plan
when I got home
I started by finding inspiring
images on my pinterest board
and the one above
is my color-inspiration

I saw this

offered these for sale
on facebook 
all in one sale 
I knew 
I had to have them
I immediately had an idea
how to use them
on my red wall 
 my project was born
when I reacted on facebook 
I could have them and
it turned out 
it was only 5 minutes from my house !

I never do something like this 
react on such a thing
and going to get them MYSELF 
for me
it was a HUGE step .

next step is going to the store
and have my own RED colour mixed.
it has to be a warm red 
with a kind of orange touch 
so I am thinking of
 having some orange too
 and decide by myself
 to use that across eachother 
Now you know I am NOT a handyman !

I have this idea
for "my" frames to collect things
I love and put them in the frames 
as .... pictures
but also words or sentences
well I better show you 
when it's done .
the colours will be 
red*orange*pink*bit yellow
and G O L D .

today I saw for the first time 
work from an Italian artist 
named Arianna Caroli 
it was a You Tube movie
and I LOVED IT .
I do not know how to show it
overhere so I just let you know 
how it is called 
and you can maybe see for yourself 

L'Officiel Thailand - Culture 
"Art is Forever"
by Arianne Caroli.

work in progress
I am excited 


woensdag 20 januari 2016

the magic of circles


let us be grateful
to people who make us HAPPY
they are the charming
who make our SOULS blossom .

Marcel Proust

when I was young
I loved to read and
I loved to draw
I loved PAPER and it's magic

when nothing was there and
everything was possible.

being a child there was a  while
when I believed
all was possible
because there were not yet 
experiences of "making mistakes"

when children make drawings
most people will love the drawings and
give complements 
and are grateful .

there is something magical
in the drawings of young children
something with the colors they use
the space they use on the paper

when I was young I had crayons
and that was it .
I always always draw HOUSES
I loved to make houses .
first houses without walls 
where you could see the inside
than closed houses with friendly windows
and always a door with an opening
for the mail !
and later I draw my own blueprints
and floorplans .
always imagening the house .....

when I got older 
very soon we had to learn to adjust 
to draw how the teacher told us to do .
in my time there was NO room for 
creativity in drawing at school .
it was all 
class-teaching and there was no room
for individuals
to servive it was best to fit in
to fit in and be good , better , best .

that's how it was .
I stopped drawing .

when I became a kindergarten teacher 
I loved the drawings all over again 
and than I came into contact with
and knew this would be my 'home'.

I started this post about
people who make you happy .
I guess for me it's been about children
they make me happy 
the children in my classes
my own four children
there is my grandchild ......

of course I found
wonderful people on my way
who made and make me happy
charming gardeners 
who make my soul happy.

it's not easy to find the words
to describe where I am in my life
let's say 
I know about the house
and it's time to work the garden