woensdag 20 januari 2016

the magic of circles


let us be grateful
to people who make us HAPPY
they are the charming
who make our SOULS blossom .

Marcel Proust

when I was young
I loved to read and
I loved to draw
I loved PAPER and it's magic

when nothing was there and
everything was possible.

being a child there was a  while
when I believed
all was possible
because there were not yet 
experiences of "making mistakes"

when children make drawings
most people will love the drawings and
give complements 
and are grateful .

there is something magical
in the drawings of young children
something with the colors they use
the space they use on the paper

when I was young I had crayons
and that was it .
I always always draw HOUSES
I loved to make houses .
first houses without walls 
where you could see the inside
than closed houses with friendly windows
and always a door with an opening
for the mail !
and later I draw my own blueprints
and floorplans .
always imagening the house .....

when I got older 
very soon we had to learn to adjust 
to draw how the teacher told us to do .
in my time there was NO room for 
creativity in drawing at school .
it was all 
class-teaching and there was no room
for individuals
to servive it was best to fit in
to fit in and be good , better , best .

that's how it was .
I stopped drawing .

when I became a kindergarten teacher 
I loved the drawings all over again 
and than I came into contact with
and knew this would be my 'home'.

I started this post about
people who make you happy .
I guess for me it's been about children
they make me happy 
the children in my classes
my own four children
there is my grandchild ......

of course I found
wonderful people on my way
who made and make me happy
charming gardeners 
who make my soul happy.

it's not easy to find the words
to describe where I am in my life
let's say 
I know about the house
and it's time to work the garden


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Francis, I would love to see some of the drawings you made as a child. I used to love colored construction paper. My mom would buy me a book of it, and I would go to town making all sorts of things. Yes, children make the most delightful drawings, don't they? And you are so lucky to able to spend time with your grandchild. You know I loved this post because it talks about crayons and coloring. Do you know that I still have Nel's box of Crayola crayons she had in grade school - from almost 30 years ago, can you imagine?

    Thank you for being one of the charming gardeners who makes my soul blossom, Francis.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. i was just having a great conversation yesterday with one of my colleagues. He and I both believe in creativity and it's THEN when you allow students to explore with the tools you've given them (in our case, the French language) that they learn and discover their abilities and make connections with a culture and mode of expression unlike their own. ART is the same way. Any medium is a gateway to your creative side, and it can only be opened from the inside of our courage to dare to make something. Oh Francis, we are never to old to try again!

  3. I think so many stop doing art because they are afraid. They've been told to do things certain ways and if they can't be perfect they stop.

    Oh, to retain the childlike love of "doing ... exploring ... not fearing".

  4. Thank you for your words , thank you for all the love and the friendship flowers from your garden.
    I am moved by the heart I see in each and perfume they offer leaves open the best doors of your home.
    thank you my friend, your Mariecapucine or Marie A