vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Autumn treasures


Come little leaves
said the wind one day
come to the meadows
with me and play :
put on your dresses 
of red and gold ,
for summer is past
and the days grow cold.

George Cooper

and another  autumn arrived.
It's been a while since I was here.
It's never because I do not want 
to write a new blog .
Maybe it is because I like
it most to write about processes.
about development , progress ,
and that's not always simple.
For example .....  interior-design
 and gardening are
subjects I love to READ about .
but I am not an expert to write about it .

I do love to tell and share about 
how I search in  life .

This autumn I realise how I have grown 
I still think about it as my new life.
The life being retired from work 
( kindergartenteacher at a Waldorf school )
the life living on my own since 
my four children grew up and left the house

I can say now , afterwards 
It's been a lot !
maybe that's the reason why there was so much
that needed attention , afterwards .
the greatest  gift has been that 
there was TIME ..... lots of time .
In my previous blog I told about 
the things I have been doing 
to keep creative , busy .

While my hands were making colorful beauty
my head could organise a lot and
 was able to let go .....

Meanwhile I have also been very busy as
a grandmother .
My new and wonderful activity....
My one and only grandchild keeps me busy.
In being a grandmother all seems to come
together .
my experience as a mother and a teacher .
on a whole new level .
much more in harmony .
It shows me who I am and have always been .
I always thought I did what I did
because I had to .
I had to do my best , as a mother and as a teacher.
But I did not realize 
how much I did it my way .

That's really a bit sad ....afterwards 
but that's how it was .
So..... in this part I had a lot to make up for .
Going through my house
and ordening all I kept ......
was very therapeutic .

Another thing that happened and
is very important now is :
Blogging , Facebook Pinterest Instagram
New digital ways to connect .
It is a wonderful way to get to know yourself 
in new ways .

I am still very much a BOOKperson.
Love to buy a book that helps me ....
guides me to learn and understand more.

My latest gain has a very original 
layout and I found out 
I love that too
it's called 

by Ella Luna

hope you are all in good places 
wishing you well