zondag 26 oktober 2014

* * by surprise * *



and in the end
It's not the years 
In your life that count,
It's the life in your years .

Abraham Lincoln

One week from today
november 2 
will be my birthday.
One year ago I was very nervous 
at the end of october 
because I was about to receive a new hip
What I did not even knew at that time
three months later a SECOND new hip .

My children surprised me
with an amazing present last birthday
An IPad .

How I love all those digital divices.
It's amazing what I can do with them.
It has been a great support for me in the last year .

I will be so grateful next Sunday
to have a new birthday 
with my wonderful children and granddaugther
and my new hips of course .


vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

A great and complicated adventure ........


Just when I accepted
for now
I could not do what I intended 
make a blogpost about 
my son's wedding
because I could not get pictures
from my IPad 
in the blog-post 
I somehow managed
to get one picture overhere

I have NO idea how I managed that........
I have to study more first.
I envie all you for making the most beautiful blogs
With lots of pictures 
But I hope to be able to do that too

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Wedding joy


I am having difficulties 
with blogging
on my IPad 

Cannot get the pictures overhere
Be back soon