zondag 26 oktober 2014

* * by surprise * *



and in the end
It's not the years 
In your life that count,
It's the life in your years .

Abraham Lincoln

One week from today
november 2 
will be my birthday.
One year ago I was very nervous 
at the end of october 
because I was about to receive a new hip
What I did not even knew at that time
three months later a SECOND new hip .

My children surprised me
with an amazing present last birthday
An IPad .

How I love all those digital divices.
It's amazing what I can do with them.
It has been a great support for me in the last year .

I will be so grateful next Sunday
to have a new birthday 
with my wonderful children and granddaugther
and my new hips of course .


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Another thing we have in common - I too have a November birthday.

    I hope this next new year does not bring any more surgeries.

    In case I don't get back next Sunday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  2. Happy Birthday Francis! I hope you have a great day with all your family. Enjoy your special day.


  3. My dear Francis,

    You don't know how much it means to me to see your comment at my blog. I know you have been resting and I had the impression you were no longer blogging but thank you for coming by. You are always a fresh breeze of gentle and lovely friendship! BIG HUGS to you as you enjoy another birthday and yes, your new hip! THANK YOU FOR VISITING!!!! Anita

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRANCIS! I hope this day is filled with everything you love.