dinsdag 4 november 2014

Birthday surprises


Surprise surprise 
You know how I love mail ....
In the week before my birthday 
I received a lot of mail.
I wanted to wait till my birthday
to open it all 
so I put the mail on a place 
where I could see it 
and looked forward to the birthday.
And than 
on november 2 
I opened the first one 
from my sister 
beautiful card and a sheet of stamps .
Special stamps because there was 
a photo from me on the stamps
my very personal stamps.
My sister knows how I love te send mail .
And than I opened the SECOND ONE and
I could not believe my eyes 
also a sheet of stamps included.
I still believed it was 
And than I opened THE THIRD ONE
and again a sheet of stamps 
And all the other ones TOO.

My daugther was behind this plan .
It was a very big surprise .
I am very happy with all this JOY and love 
And my new year 
started very very happy 


4 opmerkingen:

  1. FRANCIS! HAPPY belated birthday! I don't know why this new post did not come up on my blog roll, but I am so happy to know you were blessed in such a way again, by your dear family! The colors suit you so beautifully and are you well my dear friend???

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my post. It means a lot to me to see friends exchanging greetings in this way. May your plans for the holidays be filled with LOVE. And yes, I enjoy my students because they need not only education, but acceptance in the learning community. BE WELL MY DEAR! Anita

  2. A belated Happy Birthday from me too!

    I love that your daughter had everyone send stamps. Snail mail is becoming a thing of the past so it is a really special gift.

  3. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a special one and what a great idea. I'm going to remember this when I send cards to my family! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Happy birthday!!!. Mi cumpleaños también ha sido en Noviembre y recibí unas notas con buenos deseos de mis amigas. Saludos.