zondag 5 juni 2016

Song of my heart


dip into
your own soul.
find your own truth.
what calls to your heart ?
what moves your spirit ?
make your life dance
to the song of your own essence .

I guess I am a process person
and I like to try to find words for the process
called ...... writing .

I spend a lot of time thinking and searching 
I spend a lot of time re-living the past 
For a good purpose ....
 To learn and understand 
and go on .
That is a good thing , for me .

I learn a lot , 
about myself 
about how I survived
about the choices I made 
(Had to make )
and I am doing this 
ordening my house, my things
re-reading my notebooks , letters , postcards 
and notes .

Just thinking is not my thing
I have to be creative with my hands   
and than there is ordening in my head .

A while ago I saw a heart-garland 
on pinterest.
and I started by making one myself .

Being creative and using
beautiful materials and bright colors
always makes me happy 

And than I made another-one and 
anotherone and I started to hang them 
in my house .
I used golden yarn and very little 
glass beads because 
I am fascinated by the moving and the glittering 
of the garlands .

making things always makes me happy
and I always get inspired and find new ideas.
other ways , other things to use ......
I am not a shopping-girl and 
I always look in my own house 
because there is more than enough here.
when the little beads were used,
I used beads from bracelets and chains .

and I started to use little cuttings of 
the beautiful colorful felt pieces that were
leftovers after cutting the hearts .

and so I devaloped my own unique 
heartgarlands .

it's always about 
being busy , making things.......
that make ME happy .
You can imagen that there comes a point 
when there are too many garlands ......
and than I decided to send them by mail
to friends ......
just a little thank-you for being my friend .
they are easy to send by mail .

if , by the way , you are reading this,
and you like to have one 
let me know !

and than I got a present from a friend
who lives in France ......

I started to use in my garlands too !

and than my daugther ,
who always brings me the wonderful , colorful felt 
asked if she could try to sell the garlands
she likes to be creative too
in her own time
( She works at Waldorfschools
with dyslexic children )
once a year they have fairs at Waldorf schools
and she has her own stall !

she bought a larger size of
matchboxes when she was in France
(we do not have those in Holland )
and we now use the empty boxes for
the heartgarlands .
of course after giving the boxes a make-over .

people realy buy them !
for themselves
or as presents .....

When my granddaugther
is with me 
she loves to help
and play 

With all my hearts
I wish you all well