dinsdag 21 april 2015

* * by surprise * *


this beautiful picture
is made by madelief
Her blog is inspiring and she shares
her life with us
in pictures and words
bringing JOY to us all.

Madelief had a GIVE-away
and I participated
because it was a 
about gardening and cooking and celebrating.
such an amazing SURPRISE .....

It's exactly what I am 
exploring all over again
since I am FREE again
My new hips ( yes TWO )
are absolutely wonderful
and I can walk and 
stand on my own two feet again
and there is 
not only physically 
but also mentally .

I need no longer to go
to physical therapy
I am DONE there YEAH !
this SPRING 2015
is the very best .

I am so very happy 
to be able to do things 
in my garden all by myself 
Lots of seeding and potting
and living in and with my garden.

and than 
mister postman delivered
some mail from CANADA

send me pumpkin-seeds
so I could plant those together with
my three-year-old granddaugther EVA
so we can have 
PUMPKINS in autumn .

wonderful SURPRISES
thanks to blogging-friends

Making this blogpost
costed me
over TWO hours
for I can only make new posts
on my laptop
and "she" is an old lady
and every action takes forever
and she stops
and closes by herself
when I am not done yet
I decided to stay
and to go on 
and not give up before
I was done .

now I am done
I like to thank Koralee and Madelief
for surprising me BIG TIME
and all of you for your patience
with me 

Happy springtime