dinsdag 31 mei 2011



Kindness in words creates confidence

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness

Kindness in giving creates love.

lao tzu


zondag 29 mei 2011

* new-born star *


This sunday-morning

the world is calm and

finally all that has happened

last week has found a place

in my heart and soul

I always need quiet time

to think things over and

write it down .


When I see the words on the paper

as they came to me

it is as if the story tells itselfs

from deep inside .


By writing the words get meaning

and the meaning finds the words


I looked forward to see my son as a father

for the first time .

Thinking about that moment

it was like in the movies

you now ....slow-motion ......with all the details ..

I would see everything and hear everything

and be in that precious moment

to never forget


Well I can tell you

the only similarity with a movie-experience


I can look it all over in my mind

trying to see more and more details

like when you see a movie over and over


And what I had been looking forward

.........to see........

already happened of course

before we were there

when his little girl came into the world .

I already was and still am his mother

But now I am the mother of him-as-a-father.

He made me a grandmother .


Little Eva is born in the middle of the night .

When we were driving to the hospital

in the middle of the night

it seemed like the world was uninhabitated

No-one on the highway ..........


We were the only ones on our way

to meet little Eva .


Near the hospital all was deserted ..........

and the night was wrapped around us .

for the new story of the new-born star .


She is so beautiful

were the first words of her father.






vrijdag 27 mei 2011

** PARIS** by surprise **


Bonjour all of you visiting me

I join Anita

the very sweet Anita

from Castles Crowns and Cottages



About all the things that make Paris so special



this is my favorite car

by far

and THE CAR to drive to Paris



I would to visit

the restaurant

wearing my NAME !



a lovely quiet place

to decide what ...where....when

and to write all of you

a beautiful postcard

I love writing postcards

when I am somewhere else.


I guess it will be until late

I am writing....and writing.......


I hope one day I can visit Paris

with my adorable newborn




She is born 24-05-2011

So I have been over the moon

these days ( and nights )


woensdag 25 mei 2011

Her name is ...... Eva


She is here !

My beautiful first grandchild.

Her name is ....Eva .


born 24-05-2011

very late in the evening


all is well

We are so happy


maandag 23 mei 2011











zondag 22 mei 2011



Long time ago I saw this big beautiful constellation-plaque

It's in a beautiful ochreous ...

I was in love immediately .

The big round form

the bright colour

and of course all the constellations

round and round and round .


We all assumed the baby would be


but not anymore

GEMINI it will be ...


love to meet her

when ?


vrijdag 20 mei 2011

first time pictures

Happy kitchen


Little friends

buddha made by me

my kitchen window


hello all of you

this is a little bit

of me


coming up



I am trying to upload

all my pictures


I may have give the impression

I never take pictures

That is not true

of course.


I always made pictures

of the children


Thanks to my children

I keep up to date .

They gave me this

digital camera

years ago


I do not know why

but every new step

is making me nervous


So I take pictures

and they are all on my camera

and I keep them there .


Now I searched

and found the box and all the cables

and am trying to upload.


I also took some pictures

in my house

and it is my challenge

to learn how to show them to you


Just doing it


see you lateron


know I am busy


woensdag 18 mei 2011

Good Morning



my youngest

has his birthday




He was/is my fourth child

and he was always

so loved

by his big brother

and his two sisters

and me of course


I mean , it is so different

when you are the fourth

in your family.


and now

he is the only one

left at home ......


I think that's special

and a bit the other way around

now I have more time

as if he is an only child

( not for real of course but you know what I mean )


I am/was the oldest

of five

one brother

three sisters


and you ?


dinsdag 17 mei 2011





I love blogging


cannot say it's all new




I never tried

to work with my own




I always look for

pictures on the internet



they are not mine


you think

what I show

is what I write


no no no


I will try to learn

how to get the pictures

of my own

on my blog




very first one


The pink one

like this


a bit different



by me


the idea is

it's handmade



for my granddaughter

by me .


Thinking about her

good thoughts

while sewing stich by stich .


sewing lots of love

with every stich .


its sweet soft cuddly

looks a little bit like a doll

but not yet


I made such cuddles

for all my four children

and they all

became their most favourite

cuddle .


The embroidery

is just to add some



wish you all some


for this day


maandag 16 mei 2011



I'm making something

for the baby.


Last minute project


and Sunday

I needed just that one colour

embroidery silk

that was not in my basket .


I told a friend who called me

and she told me

she would send me some

right away , by the mail


How special

she was going to the mailbox

for me , on sunday !


Today for the first time since .....

cannot remember

it's raining !


Hope mister postman

will bring me the silk

so I can finish my surprise .


Hope you all have

such dear friends

who are there

for you


zaterdag 14 mei 2011

now it's really difficult


keeping my diet

was one thing


just looking was not as difficult as it seems


oh no ...now I'm done

I must be strong stronger strongest


I could eat them all you know


but I'll wait




vrijdag 13 mei 2011



The glory of friendship

is not the outstretched hand ,

nor the kindly smile ,

nor the joy of companionship ;

it is

the spiritual inspiration

that comes to one

when he discovers

that someone else


in him

and is willing to trust him .


Ralph Waldo Emerson.

donderdag 12 mei 2011

new magazine


Mother's day

I received a


for a magazine


For 6 months

I will receive this


for grandparents !


I love magazines


I did not even know

this exists !


A whole new world

is coming my way !



you never know



are everywhere


woensdag 11 mei 2011

still waiting ........


Time flies


we are all waiting

for the little princess

to be born


one week to go

but you never know


It makes me silent

when I think about

this wonderful miracle.


Wish you all

some miracles .


dinsdag 3 mei 2011





I love the many beautiful yellow flowers

transforming in white transparent MAGIC


I love the idea

of the wind ... taking the seedfluffs along

off they go

to where-ever .....


Blogs are like dandelions

leaving seedfluffs with the followers .

but we transform them

into something inspiring for ourselves


sharing our experiences

I love it