zondag 29 mei 2011

* new-born star *


This sunday-morning

the world is calm and

finally all that has happened

last week has found a place

in my heart and soul

I always need quiet time

to think things over and

write it down .


When I see the words on the paper

as they came to me

it is as if the story tells itselfs

from deep inside .


By writing the words get meaning

and the meaning finds the words


I looked forward to see my son as a father

for the first time .

Thinking about that moment

it was like in the movies

you now ....slow-motion ......with all the details ..

I would see everything and hear everything

and be in that precious moment

to never forget


Well I can tell you

the only similarity with a movie-experience


I can look it all over in my mind

trying to see more and more details

like when you see a movie over and over


And what I had been looking forward

.........to see........

already happened of course

before we were there

when his little girl came into the world .

I already was and still am his mother

But now I am the mother of him-as-a-father.

He made me a grandmother .


Little Eva is born in the middle of the night .

When we were driving to the hospital

in the middle of the night

it seemed like the world was uninhabitated

No-one on the highway ..........


We were the only ones on our way

to meet little Eva .


Near the hospital all was deserted ..........

and the night was wrapped around us .

for the new story of the new-born star .


She is so beautiful

were the first words of her father.






9 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello again. She is adorable!

    Thank you for your comment on my art blog.

    My Paris post is on my other blog - Space for Inspiration.
    Hope you pop in to read it.

    xx Charlotta

  2. Oh dearest Francis,

    This is pure poetry. Your little Eva is a poem and your observations, your sentiments, your WORDS are the fine expression that tells me this:

    thoughts beget words
    stars beget light
    poetry begets poetry

    and you have touched my heart.

    I so love how even the STRUCTURE of your formatting the actual words has moved me. You are an amazing friend, grandmother and mother. How beautiful YOU ARE...oh....

    BEAUTY BEGETS BEAUTY...you, your son and Eva are proof of that. BISES, VEEL KUSJES


  3. Mooi verhaal-perfect weergegeven-het grootste wonder beschreven. Mooi mooi mooie Eva-geniet van haar.Lieve groet met hart&iel van Sil.

  4. she is beautiful and blessed

    a lovely, moving post xxx

    smiling at the stars with you :o)


  5. Wat een mooie dame...en wat een lieve mooie woorden van jou....inderdaad bijzonder dat je zoon je oma maakt...en echt genieten zo'n mooi meisje!

  6. How is our little star? How is groetmoeder doing? You must be loving your new precious girl...enjoy dearest, Anita

  7. Van harte gefeliciteerd met je kleindochter. Het geluk spat van je berichtje :-). En wat een mooie naam ;-). Een klassieker. Mooi voor een klein meisje en mooi een volwassen vrouw, maar dat duurt nog wel even... Geniet ervan!

  8. Oh my goodness...thank you so much for sharing little Eva with us...she is stunningly adorable. Joy x 1000 my sweet sweet friend. xoxoxo