zaterdag 14 mei 2011

now it's really difficult


keeping my diet

was one thing


just looking was not as difficult as it seems


oh no I'm done

I must be strong stronger strongest


I could eat them all you know


but I'll wait




7 opmerkingen:

  1. YOU CAN DO IT DEAREST!!!!!! You are lovely no matter what. Just keep focused! Anita

  2. Oh Francis - me too - I am on a diet and it is so hard sometimes. I just tell myself - "one day at a time". Best of luck to you with your dieting - we can keep each other strong! (And - I could eat them all too!!!)

    Thanks for your sweet visit - congrats on the soon to be birth of your grand daughter. They are so very precious and your life willchange in amazing ways. Your heart will swell so big with love for this precious baby. I wish you every happiness with this new delight in your life~~

    ps - will expect to see photos on your beautiful blog!


  3. Hi sweet friend!!! Yahooo for you..I know you can do it! It is not easy with all these lovely yummys everywhere we go. I like to look a lot too.
    Hope your weekend is going well. I was planning some outside fun today but rain..thunder..lightening is getting in the way. Oh well...lots to do inside!


  4. oh francis you can do it...
    but if your pinkie brushes up against
    some frosting...put it in your mouth quickly!!!
    sweets for the sweetie :D
    happy weekend

  5. I just thought I would come on over again to give you some support!!! There are many juicy FRUITS coming out now dear one! But you can still enjoy the sweetness of friendship and love...I hope you are well, Anita

  6. Hi Francis... oh I'm smiling at Victoria's comment :o)
    I've been trying to lose a little too... If I'm going to visit Jason in Austin, Texas where it can be 100 F... this June and July, I have to lose some of my "winter weight." I've been on weight watchers... and just sticking to my points each day can be a challenge. I will make popcorn with my air-popper when I have weak moments.
    That helps!
    Wishing you lots of strength, Francis. I feel so much better each day.
    I'm soooo very glad you received the package! I love sewing even though I'm an amateur... it brings me lots of joy ...
    God bless you and your sweet family *
    Have a Blessed Sunday*

  7. Ja, dat is inderdaad het moeilijkst!
    Maar misschien is het een idee om één vaste dag een dieetdag in te plannen zodat de rest van de dagen wat minder zwaar kunnen kijn?
    Succes, ik vind het knap dat je al zover bent gekomen!