zondag 28 september 2014

Where to start


It's been a while .
I had some work to do 
on myself 
I had to work on myself .....
and suddenly
I lost the feeling 
of blogging .

I guess all the changes in my life
needed a new way of living ........

first of all 
I always loved blogging 
and making connections
all over the world
like in friendship
there has to be
( I looked this word up in my dictionary so I hope .......)

I now wish 
I could have find the words 
by than 
to tell about it ,
Or just pronounce 
I wont be here for a while 
but I couldn't
and I had NO idea it would take me this long .

I am here and I am back 

next post i'll tell you all
about a wedding 
my son's wedding