zaterdag 31 januari 2015

* * T * H * A * N * K * S * *


beautiful image from 
do not wait
for the perfect moment,
take the moment 
and make it perfect .


February is here !
I am a waiting-for-the-perfect-moment 
kind of girl.
that's not an easy way 
of living AT ALL !

and it is not an easy habit to change !

I am working on it however ..............

I am looking forward to SPRING .
I have not been able to garden for
several years now 
but I can move around 
in my house and garden now 
without using crutches
and that brings FREEDOM .

now I must let go 
the habbit of perfect and
enjoy gardening all over again .

Blogging and facebook
meant a lot to me 
in the years behind .
I am so THANKFUL to
all the amazing friends
I found overthere .

Happy february to all of you 


maandag 19 januari 2015



the opportunity
to walk
in meditation
to that place
within us 
the rational
with the intuitive
and the spiritual 
is reborn 


donderdag 8 januari 2015



what ?
lights your fire ?
what inspires you ?

with me it's often 
colors .
the bright colors .

life is about 
using the whole box of crayons

you have to see
as a crayon
they may not be your favorite color
but you need them 
to complete the picture

isn't about finding yourself
is about creating yourself

be happy
be bright
be you

be your own color
no matter what the rest 
of the world looks like

I found I could say
things with color and shapes
that I couldn't say any
other way 
things I had no words for 
georgia o'keeffe

to the colour
of your dreams
the beatles

broken crayons
still color

people show
their true colors
pay attention