donderdag 8 januari 2015



what ?
lights your fire ?
what inspires you ?

with me it's often 
colors .
the bright colors .

life is about 
using the whole box of crayons

you have to see
as a crayon
they may not be your favorite color
but you need them 
to complete the picture

isn't about finding yourself
is about creating yourself

be happy
be bright
be you

be your own color
no matter what the rest 
of the world looks like

I found I could say
things with color and shapes
that I couldn't say any
other way 
things I had no words for 
georgia o'keeffe

to the colour
of your dreams
the beatles

broken crayons
still color

people show
their true colors
pay attention


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Francis, if only you knew how much I love color in my life. And oh my gosh, where did you find the PURPLE quote on your side bar? Purple is my very favorite color! There's something very magical about it. I really liked the quote " Sometimes you have to see people as a crayon." And those little people are cute hehehe. Oh, what a delightful post this is, Francis.

    Wishing you happy days in the new year.


  2. color . . . I love to surround myself with color . . . I love the all white homes I see, but for me, it is about color.

  3. Ook ik kan niet zonder kleur. Wat zou het leven saai zijn in zwart en wit. Verheug mij nu al op de kleuren die straks weer in mijn tuin verschijnen. Heerlijk!

    Fijn weekend!

    Madelief x

  4. And this is the perfect post that I needed to see today dear,dear Francis.

    Yes, it's true. I am done writing blog posts. But I will still be around, visiting other peoples' posts. I am a broken crayon, but I can still color, but just not on Blogger.

    You have been so kind. Thank you for your visit today. Color on dear and beautiful Francis. Anita

  5. I love color as well. I appreciate blogs that show lovely white homes with white walls and white furniture -- they're quite beautiful. But I could not live without color in my life and my home .... and my clothes. It lifts me up and makes me smile.