zondag 27 april 2014

take a look


I have this longing
to be creative
in me .
and in the last few years
that creativity has been captured
in doing very small things
Things that did not take a lot of organising
not a lot of place or materials
and also no budget so
it had to be done with the things
I collected during my life .

I guess I develloped a competence
to adjust to what's there
In the years there has been a lot 
of stuf coming in my house and 
since I am a keeper 
my house is like a shop now-a-days .
I find things
lots of things
I can use now 
to make 

I am in love with
small things that can hang
and move a little 
by the movement in the environment
it has to be 
and there has to be
some glittering
some gold
bright colours

they have to hang free
where they can adjourn 
and the place has to be somewhere

like my latest project
little pendant-garlands
made of hearts 

I punctured out of felt .

I used a golden yarn and
in between I used
little golden-glass-beats
they glimmer when moving
I wanted them for
hanging outside
in the sun
in a tree or somewhere 
near where you like to sit
and muse .

because they were to 
I affixed a little stone
at the bottom

I wanted them to fit in little

so I could send them
in the mail .

and above all
I wanted to make them 
to bring some joy .........
to all the wonderful friends
who have been there ( here )
for me during my years of pain
and above all
to celebrate my new two hips.

If you like to see
where one of my first ones
has been brought 
take a look at the blog from 

Happy week 
for all of you 


maandag 21 april 2014

* f a s c i n a t e d *



I was musing
about my future
and I found myself
in this
and light
where I could be 
make beautiful things
I could SEE them 

how about that ?

follow me
on my search
for my new life ......


donderdag 10 april 2014



today it's april 10
the year is 2014
I am living my life now for
23170 days

you might expect
it's all perfectly okay 
I am older and wiser
my children left the house
for a while now
I no longer have to work
got two new hips 
there is this missing point
the point of 
the meaning of all of it
for the future

in younger days
all was cristalclear

I wanted to be a teacher
I wished  children of my own
a family and a husband
all came true
and as a mother of four
there was so much to enjoy
the house was always alive
and I learned so much .
from 1992 I had to do it
all by myself 
my family and
 a fulltime job as a teacher
That was hard and special at the same time
surviving was the theme

I survived
and now I am on this 
whole new journey
finding my new way
in a life
I am living for allready
23170 days
so there is also a lot
of reorganising
a lot of ordening and 
every new day 
brings me presents
from the past

I am not done with this
just started 
because my hands are free more and more
because I can stand on my own legs
more and more
so I am finding my new way
through my own house
and my own stuf
my past
into my future
This is my new job now
the most important job
and I am enjoying it .
I work for myself now!
I work at home now !

the support of you all
my blog-friends
has been and still is 
of the greatest importance
you all belong to my future
that's for sure

so if you miss me overhere
it's because I am traveling
not THE world
but MY world
I am getting there .....
watch me !

wish you all