zondag 27 april 2014

take a look


I have this longing
to be creative
in me .
and in the last few years
that creativity has been captured
in doing very small things
Things that did not take a lot of organising
not a lot of place or materials
and also no budget so
it had to be done with the things
I collected during my life .

I guess I develloped a competence
to adjust to what's there
In the years there has been a lot 
of stuf coming in my house and 
since I am a keeper 
my house is like a shop now-a-days .
I find things
lots of things
I can use now 
to make 

I am in love with
small things that can hang
and move a little 
by the movement in the environment
it has to be 
and there has to be
some glittering
some gold
bright colours

they have to hang free
where they can adjourn 
and the place has to be somewhere

like my latest project
little pendant-garlands
made of hearts 

I punctured out of felt .

I used a golden yarn and
in between I used
little golden-glass-beats
they glimmer when moving
I wanted them for
hanging outside
in the sun
in a tree or somewhere 
near where you like to sit
and muse .

because they were to 
I affixed a little stone
at the bottom

I wanted them to fit in little

so I could send them
in the mail .

and above all
I wanted to make them 
to bring some joy .........
to all the wonderful friends
who have been there ( here )
for me during my years of pain
and above all
to celebrate my new two hips.

If you like to see
where one of my first ones
has been brought 
take a look at the blog from 

Happy week 
for all of you 


5 opmerkingen:

  1. It feels GOOD, doesn't it dear friend, to use our hands? To use our hands to promote joy, a smile, a tear.....I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you have come through the valley of challenges on the other side, to find that love awaits us all who dare to seek and believe. I am also writing and sculpting paper again, just for FUN. Enjoy this day. It is raining here, and I welcome the tears of the sky to help bring colorful flowers into my garden.

    Much love! Anita

  2. I absolutely LOVE your little heart strings.

    And of course I always love seeing on my blog roll that Francis has written new words.

    Now I am off to look at Lia's blog.

  3. You have turned the little hearts filled with ove into something very special! It's fun to be creative with what we already have, you do a great job!

  4. Gezellig dat je bij Lia bent langs geweest Francis! Ik kom er ook altijd graag! Je slinger ziet er prachtig uit. Leuk al die kleurtjes. Alleen daarvan word je al vrolijk :-)

    Fijne week!

    Madelief x

  5. Dear friend,

    I see that you came to leave a comment on my blog, and I am honored. I have missed correspondence with you SO MUCH.

    You mentioned that you wish you could use language as I do....YOU USE LANGUAGE in the most wonderful ways...and I am always impressed by you and other Dutch bloggers who write in English, because not only is your grammar so beautiful (I am a grammar lover), but your THOUGHTS are so clearly AND poetically put together.

    Dance my friend. DANCE in your heart and mind, and let the flutter of ideas come out and CREATE! Anita