dinsdag 31 januari 2017



Last day of January .
I like the sound of 2017.
I like my age .... 66 now.

I am used being retired
and I love being at home.
Always have .

The house is mine and all the time 
I have so many plans 
in my head ................
and none of them done 

with the new year 
I had to make a plan
chose one thing and
go for it .

I do have my own room upstairs 
with a very large "desk"
and room for all my things .
Its what I have dreamed of 
all the years when the house
was filled with children .
I had been used to have 
"my own space " everywhere .
Always where the children were .

Now having a whole room 
for myself was new.
At first I started collecting everything 
everywhere in the house and
bring it to my room .

so far so good 
but ever since it has become
more a storage than a work-room .

I admire the ones who know what they want .
Chaos in my head .
Every day I think TOMORROW it will be okay.

well it's not .

I decided enough is enough .
I did something realy fun
I ordered wine-boxes , wooden .
The ones for one bottle .
I have a dream
to put them on my desk next to each other
put ALL my 
paper , writingthings , pens , envelops
notebooks , writingpaper , stickers , labels
markers , postcards 
in them .

and starting to use my room and my desk
for where its made for .
and also to put an end to my always 
searching for things ........


my 2017 will bring me that .

do you have a wish for 2017 ?

dinsdag 15 november 2016


one is happy
as a result
of one's own efforts ,
once one knows
the neccessary ingredients

simple tastes 
a certain degree of courage
self-denial to a point
love of work
and above all
a clear conscience

is no vague dream 
of that I now am certain .

George Sand

November 2 was my birthday
and I turned 


so I am now driving my very own
I cannot help it but it feels very MERRY .
in dutch the word is 

For many many years I have had the pleasure
of looking forward to my birthdays
as a mother ( with my children)
and as a teacher ( at school )
Both bringing so much more to having a birthday.
I do love the time towards the day .
The little secrets 
the rejoicing 

and at THE DAY 
I love the surprises 
the things I did not expect .

Once when I was a kindergartenteacher
my birthday would be on a saterday 
no schoolday
the 2 class-mothers 
organised that all the parents and their children
send me real old-fashioned MAIL.
so that saterday when the mailman came along 
he was really busy putting all the mail
in my mailbox
and I was beyond HAPPY .
Not only for the mail 
but the idea
all those people 
at home 
picking up /making
something specially for me 
taking time to put it in the mail 

so much has changed
I now live on my own
and I am retired

How was this birthday going to be ?
well very well 
finally I have been able to do all the preparations
myself again
after many years with bad hips
and now TWO new ones 
and recovering
I did all myself and that was
not as usual as it is for the most of you .
I enjoyed each and everything TO THE MAX 
I was happily washing the curtains and hanging them again
I polished the copper at my frontdoor
I even went to one of my favorite stores 
the HEMA 
to buy new decorations
you know
with all the things I was SO AWARE 
of how greatful I was 
being able to do those things again 
by myself .
I decorated myself and I was HAPPY.

why I choose to put the colorful cup 
at te top ?
I wish I could have coffee/tea
with you too
because meeting in person
hear a voice
see expressions
is so much more than meeting overhere .

Happy november to all of you 


vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Autumn treasures


Come little leaves
said the wind one day
come to the meadows
with me and play :
put on your dresses 
of red and gold ,
for summer is past
and the days grow cold.

George Cooper

and another  autumn arrived.
It's been a while since I was here.
It's never because I do not want 
to write a new blog .
Maybe it is because I like
it most to write about processes.
about development , progress ,
and that's not always simple.
For example .....  interior-design
 and gardening are
subjects I love to READ about .
but I am not an expert to write about it .

I do love to tell and share about 
how I search in  life .

This autumn I realise how I have grown 
I still think about it as my new life.
The life being retired from work 
( kindergartenteacher at a Waldorf school )
the life living on my own since 
my four children grew up and left the house

I can say now , afterwards 
It's been a lot !
maybe that's the reason why there was so much
that needed attention , afterwards .
the greatest  gift has been that 
there was TIME ..... lots of time .
In my previous blog I told about 
the things I have been doing 
to keep creative , busy .

While my hands were making colorful beauty
my head could organise a lot and
 was able to let go .....

Meanwhile I have also been very busy as
a grandmother .
My new and wonderful activity....
My one and only grandchild keeps me busy.
In being a grandmother all seems to come
together .
my experience as a mother and a teacher .
on a whole new level .
much more in harmony .
It shows me who I am and have always been .
I always thought I did what I did
because I had to .
I had to do my best , as a mother and as a teacher.
But I did not realize 
how much I did it my way .

That's really a bit sad ....afterwards 
but that's how it was .
So..... in this part I had a lot to make up for .
Going through my house
and ordening all I kept ......
was very therapeutic .

Another thing that happened and
is very important now is :
Blogging , Facebook Pinterest Instagram
New digital ways to connect .
It is a wonderful way to get to know yourself 
in new ways .

I am still very much a BOOKperson.
Love to buy a book that helps me ....
guides me to learn and understand more.

My latest gain has a very original 
layout and I found out 
I love that too
it's called 

by Ella Luna

hope you are all in good places 
wishing you well


zondag 5 juni 2016

Song of my heart


dip into
your own soul.
find your own truth.
what calls to your heart ?
what moves your spirit ?
make your life dance
to the song of your own essence .

I guess I am a process person
and I like to try to find words for the process
called ...... writing .

I spend a lot of time thinking and searching 
I spend a lot of time re-living the past 
For a good purpose ....
 To learn and understand 
and go on .
That is a good thing , for me .

I learn a lot , 
about myself 
about how I survived
about the choices I made 
(Had to make )
and I am doing this 
ordening my house, my things
re-reading my notebooks , letters , postcards 
and notes .

Just thinking is not my thing
I have to be creative with my hands   
and than there is ordening in my head .

A while ago I saw a heart-garland 
on pinterest.
and I started by making one myself .

Being creative and using
beautiful materials and bright colors
always makes me happy 

And than I made another-one and 
anotherone and I started to hang them 
in my house .
I used golden yarn and very little 
glass beads because 
I am fascinated by the moving and the glittering 
of the garlands .

making things always makes me happy
and I always get inspired and find new ideas.
other ways , other things to use ......
I am not a shopping-girl and 
I always look in my own house 
because there is more than enough here.
when the little beads were used,
I used beads from bracelets and chains .

and I started to use little cuttings of 
the beautiful colorful felt pieces that were
leftovers after cutting the hearts .

and so I devaloped my own unique 
heartgarlands .

it's always about 
being busy , making things.......
that make ME happy .
You can imagen that there comes a point 
when there are too many garlands ......
and than I decided to send them by mail
to friends ......
just a little thank-you for being my friend .
they are easy to send by mail .

if , by the way , you are reading this,
and you like to have one 
let me know !

and than I got a present from a friend
who lives in France ......

I started to use in my garlands too !

and than my daugther ,
who always brings me the wonderful , colorful felt 
asked if she could try to sell the garlands
she likes to be creative too
in her own time
( She works at Waldorfschools
with dyslexic children )
once a year they have fairs at Waldorf schools
and she has her own stall !

she bought a larger size of
matchboxes when she was in France
(we do not have those in Holland )
and we now use the empty boxes for
the heartgarlands .
of course after giving the boxes a make-over .

people realy buy them !
for themselves
or as presents .....

When my granddaugther
is with me 
she loves to help
and play 

With all my hearts
I wish you all well


maandag 18 april 2016

to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow - audrey hepburn


to plant 
a garden
in tomorrow.

Audrey Hpburn .

in my previous blogpost
it was all about
my RED wall
in my bedroom.
and even more about how
it works for me.
to imagen something ......

I am pretty GOOD in thinking in 
(long story )
but my life has changed
for the best and now
my head has to work along too.

Making a moodboard
is something that can help !
Pinterest is a wonderful place
to collect images.

My garden has become a strange place
for me .
I seem to be un-able
to make it the garden I wish , again.

as I seem un-able
to find purpose in my life as it is now.

and than I decided
to start AGAIN 
making my garden a garden .

as I started wishing for 
the RED wall
not so long ago
and that worked out very well.

is the perfect season 
and sunshine a good
companion .

and my  granddaugther
the best help ever .

not only do I hope for a garden
I  do hope to find more 

everything comes to you
in the right moment
be patient
be grateful


donderdag 18 februari 2016

it's working ........THE PLAN


Oh I am so over the moon HAPPY
My plan is working .
On Saterday my son and daugther-in-law
called me and asked 
if I would like to join them
They were on their way to the 
to look for wallpaper
for Eva's room
and they knew I was looking for
R E D wallpaint 
would I like to go TOGETHER ?
yes yes yes
of course!
I found the color I would love to buy
from Histor called "cranberry"
They mix that in the store
very exciting ...... for me !
from my son and daugther-in-law

S U R P R I S E 
we went home
to my home
 and they stayed for dinner
and my daugther came too
so we had the room filled with JOY .
my daugther send me a message
she wanted to come to me
PAINT the wall 
if that was allright with me 

Are you serious ?
of course I was allrigth 
she is a wonderful at decorating her own house
and in painting walls 
and she is young !

all I had to do is 
make tea and lunch 
and wait ...... downstairs ........
I heard music and singing 
and allready loved it 
my room would love it too !

I choose a shining wallpaint 

and than THE MOMENT was there
I was allowed to come and see

tears in my eyes SO BEAUTIFUL 
it was beyond my dreams 
I loved it ( still do )
And I love my daugther for his 

now the next step
the frames ..........

it's  not done
it's in progress

love my PLAN .............

zaterdag 30 januari 2016

happy red


it all started with a wish
my wish 
to have my wall in my bedroom
R E D 
by the image above
to do something
really DO it 
by myself
from start to finish
for myself 
is what I am not good at ...
for sommeone else , no problem
for myself ..............

the plan 
it started with knowing
I have to  have a plan
with a beginning ....
 a middle and 
an end .

than I visited someone
who suffers from depressions
and I saw how her life was
and all the possibilities she has
but was  not able to use
and I realised
I had to take my own first step 
make my own plan
when I got home
I started by finding inspiring
images on my pinterest board
and the one above
is my color-inspiration

I saw this

offered these for sale
on facebook 
all in one sale 
I knew 
I had to have them
I immediately had an idea
how to use them
on my red wall 
 my project was born
when I reacted on facebook 
I could have them and
it turned out 
it was only 5 minutes from my house !

I never do something like this 
react on such a thing
and going to get them MYSELF 
for me
it was a HUGE step .

next step is going to the store
and have my own RED colour mixed.
it has to be a warm red 
with a kind of orange touch 
so I am thinking of
 having some orange too
 and decide by myself
 to use that across eachother 
Now you know I am NOT a handyman !

I have this idea
for "my" frames to collect things
I love and put them in the frames 
as .... pictures
but also words or sentences
well I better show you 
when it's done .
the colours will be 
red*orange*pink*bit yellow
and G O L D .

today I saw for the first time 
work from an Italian artist 
named Arianna Caroli 
it was a You Tube movie
and I LOVED IT .
I do not know how to show it
overhere so I just let you know 
how it is called 
and you can maybe see for yourself 

L'Officiel Thailand - Culture 
"Art is Forever"
by Arianne Caroli.

work in progress
I am excited