zaterdag 30 januari 2016

happy red


it all started with a wish
my wish 
to have my wall in my bedroom
R E D 
by the image above
to do something
really DO it 
by myself
from start to finish
for myself 
is what I am not good at ...
for sommeone else , no problem
for myself ..............

the plan 
it started with knowing
I have to  have a plan
with a beginning ....
 a middle and 
an end .

than I visited someone
who suffers from depressions
and I saw how her life was
and all the possibilities she has
but was  not able to use
and I realised
I had to take my own first step 
make my own plan
when I got home
I started by finding inspiring
images on my pinterest board
and the one above
is my color-inspiration

I saw this

offered these for sale
on facebook 
all in one sale 
I knew 
I had to have them
I immediately had an idea
how to use them
on my red wall 
 my project was born
when I reacted on facebook 
I could have them and
it turned out 
it was only 5 minutes from my house !

I never do something like this 
react on such a thing
and going to get them MYSELF 
for me
it was a HUGE step .

next step is going to the store
and have my own RED colour mixed.
it has to be a warm red 
with a kind of orange touch 
so I am thinking of
 having some orange too
 and decide by myself
 to use that across eachother 
Now you know I am NOT a handyman !

I have this idea
for "my" frames to collect things
I love and put them in the frames 
as .... pictures
but also words or sentences
well I better show you 
when it's done .
the colours will be 
red*orange*pink*bit yellow
and G O L D .

today I saw for the first time 
work from an Italian artist 
named Arianna Caroli 
it was a You Tube movie
and I LOVED IT .
I do not know how to show it
overhere so I just let you know 
how it is called 
and you can maybe see for yourself 

L'Officiel Thailand - Culture 
"Art is Forever"
by Arianne Caroli.

work in progress
I am excited 


woensdag 20 januari 2016

the magic of circles


let us be grateful
to people who make us HAPPY
they are the charming
who make our SOULS blossom .

Marcel Proust

when I was young
I loved to read and
I loved to draw
I loved PAPER and it's magic

when nothing was there and
everything was possible.

being a child there was a  while
when I believed
all was possible
because there were not yet 
experiences of "making mistakes"

when children make drawings
most people will love the drawings and
give complements 
and are grateful .

there is something magical
in the drawings of young children
something with the colors they use
the space they use on the paper

when I was young I had crayons
and that was it .
I always always draw HOUSES
I loved to make houses .
first houses without walls 
where you could see the inside
than closed houses with friendly windows
and always a door with an opening
for the mail !
and later I draw my own blueprints
and floorplans .
always imagening the house .....

when I got older 
very soon we had to learn to adjust 
to draw how the teacher told us to do .
in my time there was NO room for 
creativity in drawing at school .
it was all 
class-teaching and there was no room
for individuals
to servive it was best to fit in
to fit in and be good , better , best .

that's how it was .
I stopped drawing .

when I became a kindergarten teacher 
I loved the drawings all over again 
and than I came into contact with
and knew this would be my 'home'.

I started this post about
people who make you happy .
I guess for me it's been about children
they make me happy 
the children in my classes
my own four children
there is my grandchild ......

of course I found
wonderful people on my way
who made and make me happy
charming gardeners 
who make my soul happy.

it's not easy to find the words
to describe where I am in my life
let's say 
I know about the house
and it's time to work the garden


donderdag 31 december 2015

* * the plan * *


It's not that I know
what this means
i am going to find out !
I need a goal , a plan

so I will go and make myself 
a plan .
My plan is to make a plan .

I like that idea
I will create my own plan .

new year

I will be blogging
about my PLAN 


vrijdag 25 december 2015



the light
in others
treat them
that's all
you see


zaterdag 28 november 2015



I saw a program on tv 
and they were talking about
blogging and vlogging and you-tube followers
and sponsorship.........
and suddenly I realised

pick a word and start writing
says the part on the top 
I love doing that .
I love words and I love
what writing does to me .
How all that's inside my head 
suddely seems to find a way out
on the paper through my pen ,
fountainpen , always.
My hand starts writing and the ink
on the paper brings peace 
and surprises me over and over ...
So often I understood more of myself
after reading what I wrote down .

I am not so good in just writing
as in a diary .....
It has to be adressed to ......
like in a letter ......
or in a blog ...........

For a long time 
my children were the ones 
who kept me informed 
when I saw what they were doing
and how they were doing it .

now they are all living on their own 
and I do not see so much anymore .

I already was looking for 
where I could belong 
in blogging for example.

since my life changed so much
by no more working 
no more children in the house 
I kind of lost my goal ..............
and it came to me 
I had to find out for myself 
what I want .........................

I decided 
that will be my subject 
that is what I will write about 
my search 

in the past years 
there were so many 
chances to look back to 
how it was 
and how it is now .

I am still confused but 
I found out that's okay,
as long as I am on my way .......
searching .....

For me it took courage 
to except I do not know
but I would like to know 
here I go 

have a wonderful new week
you all


vrijdag 20 november 2015

a little help from you , friends

living alone 

that my life
is more beautiful 
for having been broken.

a lot happened and a lot changed
and that is in each life .
my life is mine
and made me who I am today

I love blogging 
it took a while before
I found my own way/style 
and along bloggers I connected with.

and than the internet
changed that too
some bloggers disappeared
to facebook , instagram
and lost their need to blogging.
I too am on facebook and instagram
also there trying to find my own way.

I am not looking for followers 
never did 
of course I love when one
loves to follow ME 
when they do .
but I also love to feel connected 
to know there is a connection .

in blogging 
I am 
as in my life now
a kind of living alone again.

my kids are on their own
I am on my own 
and many blogfriends left too
went elswhere
and I feel like on my own here too.

I would like to find new friends

like in the real world 
I need to go out 
and meet people 

you read my blog
and you have an idea
for me 
please point to me 
other bloggers YOU think
could be an idea for me to 
start following 

I could use a little 
from friends 


zaterdag 31 oktober 2015

secret and silent

is the pearl-grey month.
the changeling between
warm crimson October
ad cold white December.
the month
when the leaves fall in slow 
drifting whirls
and the shapes of the trees
are revealed 
when the earth 
imperceptibly wakes
and stretches her bare limbs 
and displays
her stubborn unconquerable strength
before she settles uneasily 
into winter.
is secret and silent 

Alison Uttley


I always assumed I love 
N O V E M B E R 
so much because I was born
in november .
The month of my birthday .
I LOVE birthdays .

the season of rain and being indoors
and tea and lots of books .
I was a reading girl 
and my birthday always brougth me
new books 
I LOVE books .
I love the way they "feel"
the smell of the paper 
the structure of the paper 
the lay-out
all of it 
above all
the magic
of disappearing
in the story
the not wanting to stop reading ......
as a child I was allowed to read one chapter
before sleep !
and than the ligth had to go out !
In school we were allowed
to take one book a week ..
Loved that too 
to be able to choose 
for myself 
for free....
At a schoolreunion a few years ago
I heard for the first time
most kids from my class
were NOT allowed to read at home.
they had to help and work .
Reading was waste of time .
that was in the fifties

 one of the advantages
of growing older is
to understand my life
more and more .

By being a grandmother
it's like I got an overview
of how wonderful life is .

a new birthday
I love it 

sweet november to all of you