dinsdag 18 november 2014

* scrumptious *


coming from and living in THE NETHERLANDS 
english is not my own language
but I do love it very much .
When I started blogging
I choose english because I wanted to learn
and practice and meet people around the world.
Lately I found a list on pinterest with 
so that will be my mission ......

I am still on my way back
from A LOT 
but I am getting there .
for long I supposed I was to be my old self again.
But NO NO I was supposed to become 
my old self transformed to a whole new level .

It felt like 
moving to a whole new country
and I did not speak the language
and did not know the habbits
and I knew no-one overthere.
It felt like surviving , hanging-on
not knowing what to do , who to trust .

I never imagened the future , my future 

I am making lots and lots of 
felt-heart-garlands to be busy 
and because it gives me GREAT JOY 
to look at them 

working on the colours of my heart 

wishing you lots of SCRUMPTIOUSNESS


dinsdag 4 november 2014

Birthday surprises


Surprise surprise 
You know how I love mail ....
In the week before my birthday 
I received a lot of mail.
I wanted to wait till my birthday
to open it all 
so I put the mail on a place 
where I could see it 
and looked forward to the birthday.
And than 
on november 2 
I opened the first one 
from my sister 
beautiful card and a sheet of stamps .
Special stamps because there was 
a photo from me on the stamps
my very personal stamps.
My sister knows how I love te send mail .
And than I opened the SECOND ONE and
I could not believe my eyes 
also a sheet of stamps included.
I still believed it was 
And than I opened THE THIRD ONE
and again a sheet of stamps 
And all the other ones TOO.

My daugther was behind this plan .
It was a very big surprise .
I am very happy with all this JOY and love 
And my new year 
started very very happy 


zondag 26 oktober 2014

* * by surprise * *



and in the end
It's not the years 
In your life that count,
It's the life in your years .

Abraham Lincoln

One week from today
november 2 
will be my birthday.
One year ago I was very nervous 
at the end of october 
because I was about to receive a new hip
What I did not even knew at that time
three months later a SECOND new hip .

My children surprised me
with an amazing present last birthday
An IPad .

How I love all those digital divices.
It's amazing what I can do with them.
It has been a great support for me in the last year .

I will be so grateful next Sunday
to have a new birthday 
with my wonderful children and granddaugther
and my new hips of course .


vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

A great and complicated adventure ........


Just when I accepted
for now
I could not do what I intended 
make a blogpost about 
my son's wedding
because I could not get pictures
from my IPad 
in the blog-post 
I somehow managed
to get one picture overhere

I have NO idea how I managed that........
I have to study more first.
I envie all you for making the most beautiful blogs
With lots of pictures 
But I hope to be able to do that too

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Wedding joy


I am having difficulties 
with blogging
on my IPad 

Cannot get the pictures overhere
Be back soon 


zondag 28 september 2014

Where to start


It's been a while .
I had some work to do 
on myself 
I had to work on myself .....
and suddenly
I lost the feeling 
of blogging .

I guess all the changes in my life
needed a new way of living ........

first of all 
I always loved blogging 
and making connections
all over the world
like in friendship
there has to be
( I looked this word up in my dictionary so I hope .......)

I now wish 
I could have find the words 
by than 
to tell about it ,
Or just pronounce 
I wont be here for a while 
but I couldn't
and I had NO idea it would take me this long .

I am here and I am back 

next post i'll tell you all
about a wedding 
my son's wedding 


zaterdag 21 juni 2014

sea sand and seashells summer


My most favorite summers
were the ones
when the children were little
summers at the beach
sea sand shells


we often were the last ones
to leave the beach

we stayed at my parents 
they lived near the beach
and the house had rooms for all of us 
I made pictures
and at the end when we had to leave
there was a beautiful book
with lots of fun memories.

we went "home" back to the city
with happy healthy children

we had to get used
to wearing shoes again

and when we had icecream
it was never as delicious
as grandmother's

summers bring new memories
my parents are long "gone"
my children are having their own summers
I am having summer
with my granddaugther 
not at the beach but in the garden.

I could live near the beach 
and have summers 
all over again
with the "children"
and their children

happy summer to all of you