dinsdag 31 januari 2017



Last day of January .
I like the sound of 2017.
I like my age .... 66 now.

I am used being retired
and I love being at home.
Always have .

The house is mine and all the time 
I have so many plans 
in my head ................
and none of them done 

with the new year 
I had to make a plan
chose one thing and
go for it .

I do have my own room upstairs 
with a very large "desk"
and room for all my things .
Its what I have dreamed of 
all the years when the house
was filled with children .
I had been used to have 
"my own space " everywhere .
Always where the children were .

Now having a whole room 
for myself was new.
At first I started collecting everything 
everywhere in the house and
bring it to my room .

so far so good 
but ever since it has become
more a storage than a work-room .

I admire the ones who know what they want .
Chaos in my head .
Every day I think TOMORROW it will be okay.

well it's not .

I decided enough is enough .
I did something realy fun
I ordered wine-boxes , wooden .
The ones for one bottle .
I have a dream
to put them on my desk next to each other
put ALL my 
paper , writingthings , pens , envelops
notebooks , writingpaper , stickers , labels
markers , postcards 
in them .

and starting to use my room and my desk
for where its made for .
and also to put an end to my always 
searching for things ........


my 2017 will bring me that .

do you have a wish for 2017 ?

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Francis,
    What a nice idea to organize your desk and room and fill it up with all the things you love. Jess has been de-cluttering and organizing also. Oh Yes, I'm one who really knows what she wants, but getting it is sometimes not so easy hehehehe.

    Happy February, Francis. I was so delighted to see your post. Your charming words always make me smile. And please show us your wine boxes when you're all finished. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  2. I can't wait to see how you use the wine boxes.

  3. Nu er eindelijk twee kinderen op eigen benen staan, heb ik de luxe om een eigen kamertje te gebruiken voor mijn hobby's of gewoon om lekker even alleen te zijn en te genieten van de kleuren en spulletjes die ik zelf uitgekozen heb. Ik geniet me suf in die eigen ruimte, en merk dat het ook weer oplaad om er weer tegen te kunnen met een drukke baan en een druk leven! Ik begrijp dat we dat op een 'bepaalde leeftijd' allemaal goed kunnen gebruiken! Leuk om jouw verhaal te lezen, zo voel ik het ook...

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