dinsdag 15 november 2016


one is happy
as a result
of one's own efforts ,
once one knows
the neccessary ingredients

simple tastes 
a certain degree of courage
self-denial to a point
love of work
and above all
a clear conscience

is no vague dream 
of that I now am certain .

George Sand

November 2 was my birthday
and I turned 


so I am now driving my very own
I cannot help it but it feels very MERRY .
in dutch the word is 

For many many years I have had the pleasure
of looking forward to my birthdays
as a mother ( with my children)
and as a teacher ( at school )
Both bringing so much more to having a birthday.
I do love the time towards the day .
The little secrets 
the rejoicing 

and at THE DAY 
I love the surprises 
the things I did not expect .

Once when I was a kindergartenteacher
my birthday would be on a saterday 
no schoolday
the 2 class-mothers 
organised that all the parents and their children
send me real old-fashioned MAIL.
so that saterday when the mailman came along 
he was really busy putting all the mail
in my mailbox
and I was beyond HAPPY .
Not only for the mail 
but the idea
all those people 
at home 
picking up /making
something specially for me 
taking time to put it in the mail 

so much has changed
I now live on my own
and I am retired

How was this birthday going to be ?
well very well 
finally I have been able to do all the preparations
myself again
after many years with bad hips
and now TWO new ones 
and recovering
I did all myself and that was
not as usual as it is for the most of you .
I enjoyed each and everything TO THE MAX 
I was happily washing the curtains and hanging them again
I polished the copper at my frontdoor
I even went to one of my favorite stores 
the HEMA 
to buy new decorations
you know
with all the things I was SO AWARE 
of how greatful I was 
being able to do those things again 
by myself .
I decorated myself and I was HAPPY.

why I choose to put the colorful cup 
at te top ?
I wish I could have coffee/tea
with you too
because meeting in person
hear a voice
see expressions
is so much more than meeting overhere .

Happy november to all of you 


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy birthday Francis, sending you my belated wishes...

  2. Happy Birth Month to you sweet Francis.

    When we can't do something on our own and then we get the ability back again, it is wonderful.

    Enjoy 66! Tomorrow I turn 68 and I already know of some wonderful things (that I can't share yet) that will make being 68 special.

  3. Happy Birthday, Francis! What a wonderful gift the parents gave you one year by telling the students to send you birthday cards in the mail. I am so happy that you are able to wash and clean and decorate and even go shopping since you have two new hips. I so wish I could have coffee or tea with you too, Francis, and talk and share stories. That would really make my day. :)

    Wishing you warm and cozy November days, my friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Liefs van mij......❤️❤️❤️