dinsdag 25 november 2014

* resplendent*


my new word is
in my dictionary it is translated as :
and those are beautiful words in dutch .
and I love beautiful words.
I wonder why I have never seen this word ?
My dream is to 
have beautiful books next to my bed
with poems in english
so I can learn
so much more from the language
than I do now.

when I translate 
SCHITTEREND to english
my book says : SHINING
when I translate
GLANSRIJK to english
my book says :RADIANCE

Well now you know 
it is not so easy at all to choose 
the right words
for what I realy wish to write / say.

In a  blog writing is one thing
but when there is friendship
and there is MAIL ( BY POST )
I mean writing letters ......
well that is a whole other challenge .

How I love it when mister postman
brings me letters or postcards 
from far far away
with beautiful stamps 
and handwritings 
my heart always 
when I find such surprises .
and always and always
I learn
I learn from the words 
by the person behind the words 
I get to know
the person behind the choosen words

I just love that 


dinsdag 18 november 2014

* scrumptious *


coming from and living in THE NETHERLANDS 
english is not my own language
but I do love it very much .
When I started blogging
I choose english because I wanted to learn
and practice and meet people around the world.
Lately I found a list on pinterest with 
so that will be my mission ......

I am still on my way back
from A LOT 
but I am getting there .
for long I supposed I was to be my old self again.
But NO NO I was supposed to become 
my old self transformed to a whole new level .

It felt like 
moving to a whole new country
and I did not speak the language
and did not know the habbits
and I knew no-one overthere.
It felt like surviving , hanging-on
not knowing what to do , who to trust .

I never imagened the future , my future 

I am making lots and lots of 
felt-heart-garlands to be busy 
and because it gives me GREAT JOY 
to look at them 

working on the colours of my heart 

wishing you lots of SCRUMPTIOUSNESS


dinsdag 4 november 2014

Birthday surprises


Surprise surprise 
You know how I love mail ....
In the week before my birthday 
I received a lot of mail.
I wanted to wait till my birthday
to open it all 
so I put the mail on a place 
where I could see it 
and looked forward to the birthday.
And than 
on november 2 
I opened the first one 
from my sister 
beautiful card and a sheet of stamps .
Special stamps because there was 
a photo from me on the stamps
my very personal stamps.
My sister knows how I love te send mail .
And than I opened the SECOND ONE and
I could not believe my eyes 
also a sheet of stamps included.
I still believed it was 
And than I opened THE THIRD ONE
and again a sheet of stamps 
And all the other ones TOO.

My daugther was behind this plan .
It was a very big surprise .
I am very happy with all this JOY and love 
And my new year 
started very very happy