maandag 18 april 2016

to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow - audrey hepburn


to plant 
a garden
in tomorrow.

Audrey Hpburn .

in my previous blogpost
it was all about
my RED wall
in my bedroom.
and even more about how
it works for me.
to imagen something ......

I am pretty GOOD in thinking in 
(long story )
but my life has changed
for the best and now
my head has to work along too.

Making a moodboard
is something that can help !
Pinterest is a wonderful place
to collect images.

My garden has become a strange place
for me .
I seem to be un-able
to make it the garden I wish , again.

as I seem un-able
to find purpose in my life as it is now.

and than I decided
to start AGAIN 
making my garden a garden .

as I started wishing for 
the RED wall
not so long ago
and that worked out very well.

is the perfect season 
and sunshine a good
companion .

and my  granddaugther
the best help ever .

not only do I hope for a garden
I  do hope to find more 

everything comes to you
in the right moment
be patient
be grateful


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Het start met een plan....wat goed dat je je slaapkamer hebt geverfd en wat een gewaagde kleur.
    En wat een mooie uitspraak van Audrey en zo waar. Geniet van het plannen en ik ben benieuwd hoe het gaat worden.

  2. Dearest Francis, I needed to hear this. Yes, be grateful, and I am. I have a lot to learn, and all I can hope for that as I learn on my journey that love is my motive and my protector, my shield and my guide. I wish you much love as you walk down your garden path in life. Anita

  3. I look forward to see the garden you create.

  4. Mooie woorden...ben heel benieuwd wat je tuin gaat worden...succes liefs Ria x

  5. Francis, I was just thinking about what to plant next in my garden, and daisies came to mind. I guess it takes time for things to grow, blossom, take root, so keep working in your garden, and it will make you happy. Thanks for the reminder to be patient, be grateful.

    love you, Francis.