zondag 5 juni 2016

Song of my heart


dip into
your own soul.
find your own truth.
what calls to your heart ?
what moves your spirit ?
make your life dance
to the song of your own essence .

I guess I am a process person
and I like to try to find words for the process
called ...... writing .

I spend a lot of time thinking and searching 
I spend a lot of time re-living the past 
For a good purpose ....
 To learn and understand 
and go on .
That is a good thing , for me .

I learn a lot , 
about myself 
about how I survived
about the choices I made 
(Had to make )
and I am doing this 
ordening my house, my things
re-reading my notebooks , letters , postcards 
and notes .

Just thinking is not my thing
I have to be creative with my hands   
and than there is ordening in my head .

A while ago I saw a heart-garland 
on pinterest.
and I started by making one myself .

Being creative and using
beautiful materials and bright colors
always makes me happy 

And than I made another-one and 
anotherone and I started to hang them 
in my house .
I used golden yarn and very little 
glass beads because 
I am fascinated by the moving and the glittering 
of the garlands .

making things always makes me happy
and I always get inspired and find new ideas.
other ways , other things to use ......
I am not a shopping-girl and 
I always look in my own house 
because there is more than enough here.
when the little beads were used,
I used beads from bracelets and chains .

and I started to use little cuttings of 
the beautiful colorful felt pieces that were
leftovers after cutting the hearts .

and so I devaloped my own unique 
heartgarlands .

it's always about 
being busy , making things.......
that make ME happy .
You can imagen that there comes a point 
when there are too many garlands ......
and than I decided to send them by mail
to friends ......
just a little thank-you for being my friend .
they are easy to send by mail .

if , by the way , you are reading this,
and you like to have one 
let me know !

and than I got a present from a friend
who lives in France ......

I started to use in my garlands too !

and than my daugther ,
who always brings me the wonderful , colorful felt 
asked if she could try to sell the garlands
she likes to be creative too
in her own time
( She works at Waldorfschools
with dyslexic children )
once a year they have fairs at Waldorf schools
and she has her own stall !

she bought a larger size of
matchboxes when she was in France
(we do not have those in Holland )
and we now use the empty boxes for
the heartgarlands .
of course after giving the boxes a make-over .

people realy buy them !
for themselves
or as presents .....

When my granddaugther
is with me 
she loves to help
and play 

With all my hearts
I wish you all well


5 opmerkingen:

  1. . . . and I am the lucky recipient of one of your garlands. It hangs on my old door above my work table.

    I have to say that the photo with a whole bunch of them hanging makes a huge impact.

  2. Francis, all the projects you are doing sound wonderful! I love hearts, and I love different colors, so this really caught my attention. And Yes, I would love a garland made by you from Holland. I am really into the colors white and aqua right now and it would match any room in my house. How great that your daughter wants to try to sell the garlands at the school fairs. You are keeping busy, and that's so nice, Francis. I am real busy too with Jess' wedding shower coming up this month. Lots of planning.

    Keep being creative, my friend. You have so much to share with the world.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Francis! HALLO! First of all, I don't know why this newest blog post never, ever made it to my list. I have you on my blog roll and would have been here in an instant, but now I see your post never came up. I just happened to take a glance at my blog and there you were. Thank you for coming to visit me! I had wondered why I never heard from you, but I know peoples' lives get busy, as mine is. I just finished the school year and today is my first day HOME, free. I have so many things on my list of things to accomplish this year, and writing is one of them. But my house is calling for my attention, and my photography goals need to be organized better.

    I understand what you are saying about these devices we use. I have not mastered them well, especially when it comes to teaching! But I have made strides in the past school year. I encourage you to keep writing for you write very, very well; you are a poet and if you feel that need to search, then that is writing calling you. Those of us with an art to use as a vehicle to express ourselves must fine-tune our gifts.

    Blessings to you dearest Francis, enjoy the summer and I need to see why your blog post is not coming up on my feed! Anita

  4. Owwww in het echt zijn ze nog leuker......zo blij dat je er een opgestuurd heb......zo liefffff fijne week verder liefs Ria x❤️

  5. Dearest Francis, I just saw that you left a comment on my blog! MERCI! And you are driving to France to be with your friend? HOW LOVELY! Oh Francis, I am enjoying this school year so much better than last year. Every year brings different challenges, different joys, and I really appreciate your comment about how any teacher really, can be an inspiration. Yesterday while I was out with my husband hunting down this magazine (we can't find it here), I ran into one of my dear high school students who is currently in one of my French classes. I told her that I was on a mission to find the magazine, etc....she was so inspired and excited and at that moment I realized, I was not just her French teacher, but another aspiring human being who has creative goals. I so hope I can find this magazine so I can take it to school and show it to any of the students who might care....

    Thank you for visiting and I wish you a safe and wonderful trip to France! KEEP ON WRITING!