dinsdag 3 mei 2011





I love the many beautiful yellow flowers

transforming in white transparent MAGIC


I love the idea

of the wind ... taking the seedfluffs along

off they go

to where-ever .....


Blogs are like dandelions

leaving seedfluffs with the followers .

but we transform them

into something inspiring for ourselves


sharing our experiences

I love it


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Goede morgen mijn lieve Francis.

    Oh it is so good to see you up and ready to go; I see that my beloved friend THE DUTCHESS came to visit you...how lucky you are to live in her country.....and my dear, this is a magical post...and soon YOU WILL BECOME A GROETMODER (I think I mispelled that).....I wish you all the love in the world with your new baby faery...how true; our thoughts and cares are like dandelion fluff in the wind...it carries its message across the oceans and into our hearts. Much peace and love to you, Anita

  2. wat heb je dit toch weer mooi omschreven....

  3. I so love your thought today my friend...and sooo happy to hear this is the Birth month!! you my dear will be a grandma soon...how exciting.

    Did you ever get anything in the mail.....I am afraid something happened to my parcel...it has been a while now....hmmmmmm.

    Have a great evening and fill your mind with happy dreams of things to come...like grandaughters. yahoo. xoxoxoxxoxxo

  4. Hi Francis!
    I LOVE your thoughts today ... and I don't mind dandelions at all! Here in the USA, lots of people pull or poison the dandelions in their lawns.
    Your blog / dandelion metaphor is perfect!

    I finally finished my wee little sewing gift for the baby. I will mail it out tonight or tomorrow. The baby won't need them until she starts to eat {can you guess what I made? LOL}
    Wishing you a sweet week!
    --- oh I do hope my parcel will be okay, I just read Koralee's comment ---
    Sending it off with a big wish for safe travels!
    ~*~ Maria

  5. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog...I love yours..Ben je al OMA..? Ik ben de trotse oma van een mooie kleindochter..nu 7 mnd oud..Leuk om je zo te ontmoeten..Have a MARVELOUS day..big hug from all of us..Stay warm and stay happy..T.D and Company.