dinsdag 17 mei 2011

very first one


The pink one

like this


a bit different



by me


the idea is

it's handmade



for my granddaughter

by me .


Thinking about her

good thoughts

while sewing stich by stich .


sewing lots of love

with every stich .


its sweet soft cuddly

looks a little bit like a doll

but not yet


I made such cuddles

for all my four children

and they all

became their most favourite

cuddle .


The embroidery

is just to add some



wish you all some


for this day


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my sweet, sweet Francis...these are so darling and your photos are always incredibly bright and speak much love. Your grandaughter is going to be one lucky baby...GROETMOEDER you are, at heart and soul! OH DEAREST, it is so good to see your comment pop up as I sit here to enjoy! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME and enjoying the video! Wasn't that a sweet encounter? Paris can do that to you! When I was in France in school, I met up with a nice young man who gave me a tour of GRASSE, the town where perfume was made long ago. There is a museum there and he took me on a tour and bought me a bottle of perfume! teeeeheeee.....he was a nice boy who could have easily been my son and he was kind enough to take an hour to escort me to see his town....ahh...what fun. DEAREST, will you participate in the Paris link party???? Let me know for sure so I can post your name and link to your beautiful blog and then be ready on Saturday May 28th! I know you will have a lovely subject to share...and I LOVE MAGAZINES TOO MY FRIEND! I HAVE TONS of them that I save for inspiration. One of my favorite things to do is to sit quiet with a cup of tea and just turn the pages and get my imagination going.

    Well mijn lieve Francis, I better go and get ready for school....so nice to talk to you dearest!!!! VEEL KUSJES, Anita

  2. These are reaaly cute and I can see how cuddly they would be and feel in a babies hands. Sweet! I'd love to see a tutorial....

  3. What joy....I love that you are sewing...i can see you right now at your machine...and such sweetness you are making your sweetpea! I adore the colours. I bet they are as soft as cottonballs.

    I my friend am so happy happy happy today that you got your sweet parcel...what was up with that....I think it went around the world twice! I even forgot what was in it.

    Joy today for you and me.

    Have a creative day my sweet friend...well evening for you now. I am off and running...my day is just beginning.


  4. Wat zijn ze lief en zacht he en leuk dat je ze zelf maakt. Ooit maakte ik een kleinere versies bij jou op school, in de peutergroep, echt waar! Voor mijn kids, helemaal opgekloven en geknuffeld zijn ze, ik heb ze bewaard....