zaterdag 20 november 2010

*B*I*G* *L*O*V*E*

Today I need a lot of love.
Who doesn't !
if you have some
send a little bit my way
there's nothing special
but I feel in need of love
of to my coffee now

5 opmerkingen:

  1. The next time we have a coffee together it will be out of this mug! Is it Emma Bridgewater? Our Christmas presents? One from me for you and one from you for me, hihi, wouldn't that be fun!
    Lots of Love for today and everyday xxxxx

  2. Dear Francis, I send today on the winds across the waves some love and hugs for this Saturday!!

    Have a day fill with precious things, and enjoy your coffee... xxx

  3. Hi Francis!
    I'm stopping by here to tell you that you are one of the sweetest people "out here." I'm so glad Saskia introduced us.
    Your comment {twinkle star} made my eyes tear and heart swell ~ feeling so much love and care from across the world. I read your comment to my children and husband...
    How grateful I am for my blogging friends who truly make the world a kinder, sweeter place... filling it up unimaginably with God's love and spirit ~ swirling all around ~

    I love your mug Francis...and send you {hugs} and ~*♥*~*♥*~*♥*~ lots of love your way ~
    God bless your sweet, sweet soul ~

  4. Sending some your way today my friend....I will think of you extra today...I am soooo grateful for your blog always make me smile when I come visit. Hugs x100 today. xoxoox