zondag 19 december 2010

together we are all a part of the puzzle

The days before Christmas .
Made me think about all the people
who have jobs that are not so inspiring
as for instant being a teacher or ........
But have to work in the stores
and put the stock on the shelves
over and over and over again.
Or drive in the big trucks
on the highways and than in the city
maneuvering through the traffic
spending hours in trafficjam .
All those people
deserve a smile and a friendly treatment .
Where would we be without them ?
So smile a lot these days .

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Iedereen is nodig en zo is het...lieve groet

  2. Hi Francis! Oh, I am sooo thankful! I have an easy smile, and I give it often! Have a happy week! :D Paulette

  3. Francis, I often think of the tiny hands that assemble so many things electronic these days...
    I think of all the people who have to string lights on the artificial trees that are for sale...
    for the delivery people and hospital workers...
    Wow... many to think about, much to be grateful for.

    You are such a dear and kind person, Francis.
    I'm so glad to get to know you ♥
    Wishing you a merry week!
    {I must teach until Thursday afternoon...then, it's time to come HOME ♫ Hallelujah!}