zaterdag 17 maart 2012


The spirit
is all about
Good times are
for all of us
I hope
I wish
Happy weekend

4 opmerkingen:

  1. THEY ARE COMING DEAREST and forever after, truly. That is what EASTER REALLY IS ALL ABOUT! New life, flowers, bunnies, chicks, NEW LIFE in this life. But the LIFE EVER AFTER is about living forever. All you have to do is believe in HIM. YES.

    THANK YOU MY DEAR HEART FOR VISITING! I am just about to post my new post that I was late getting ready!!! COME BACK LATER FOR MY NEW POST. LOVE TO YOU and give that SASKIA OF OURS A HUGE HUG FOR ME! Anita

  2. Yes, I believe good times are coming, Francis. Hope is a good word. I am admiring your blue background for Easter. It is such a special day. Do you know that I made my kids Easter baskets even when they were grown? hehe When I stopped making them, they really missed it.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Hi Dear Francis.Looks like you and I are thinking the same thoughts today.The photo is lovely.I being Greek we make such lovely eggs as well.Its the red ones we dye with dye for the blood of Christ.Im so ready for Easter season.God Bless!

  4. Hoi Francis,
    Wat een plaatje van een plaatje heb je geplaatst... Echt heel mooi. Ik heb wel zin in pasen hoor, met al die mooie versierseltjes die er zijn...
    Maar voor nu wens ik je een heel fijn weekend nog...
    Lieve groet,