donderdag 25 oktober 2012

my friend Helma
called me
we had not spoken
for years 

from my third till my sixteenth
than we moved away
and lost contact

now and than 
a postcard
a christmas card

and now 
a phonecall

to hear her voice
after so many years
wonderful SURPRISE

and guess what

we promissed
to go writing
and emailing

you never know
what the day 
will bring


3 opmerkingen:

  1. A new day always bring new and precious moments. I love to talk with real friends on the phone. All of the sudden we are so young and free ahahah that's what friends to you. My best friend is Polish, I haven't seen her for years - we met virtually and until she came to Spain for Erasmus we only knew eachother virtually - but the bond is so strong. To know and meet her was one of the big highlights of my life. And when we speak on the phone it was as if we saw eachother every other week.

    How precious is the Love of Friends.

    Enjoy yours, Francis!

  2. This is wonderful news my precious friend! I too, this past summer, connected with a friend that I had not seen in over 37 years. I just got an email from her TODAY and you never ever know what the day will bring.

    It is truly wonderful to see your comments on my blog. I have missed you so, along with many others who have stopped visiting. Life gets busy, takes other turns, but at least I know that you are out there, we have "met" and will continue when time allows, to connect.

    I pray you are well and that the family is well also. Much love to you dearest and most talented Francis!!! Anita

  3. Hi Francis!
    Wow, India! That is quite the adventure!
    I wish her many blessings in her travels...
    How are things, Francis!?!
    I have been way too busy and wish I could break away every now and then for a five minute visit to you and my other sweet blogging friends,.. At work, things have become so busy, there are a lot of new state regulations and evaluations. It makes us all feel too much pressure,
    My daughter, Amanda, who is also a teacher, received a really nice evaluation ... So it is hopeful!
    How is sweet little Eva? When I look at her photo in your sidebar, there is such love and calm that surrounds her.
    I enjoyed your post about writing things down, Francis... It seems I must do the same in order to remember much these days!
    Wishing you so much joy and blessings,
    - Maria