zondag 9 december 2012

The sun and the moon ......

The sun and the moon sets,
but they're not gone.
Death is a coming together.
is both 
dramatic and sutle.
Over time , the parting of a loved one
becomes less harsh as slowly and gently
a continued bond is reveled.
As I open my heart to the promtings
and guidance of those I love
who have passed from the physical sphere,
I am alert to the contact 
which comes to me in many forms
as memory , as intuition and coincidence.
Rather than bitterly close my heart,
I allow myself to maintain a gentle
but alert intention to the touch of Spirit.
I remind myself that life begets life
and those I love live on 
in my loving memory of them.
I also allow for the possibility that
my memory lives on in them
triggering their concerned contact
in subtle forms.

From the book
by Julia Cameron 

it is everything together
the lost of my sister
the time of year 
the early darkness in the afternoon
the candle-lights
I am very much
on my own these days
musing lots of musing

Of course I am sad about the lost
but there is so much more to it
Because life goes on 
and is even more precious
than it already was to me.
A true gift 
each and every day


4 opmerkingen:

  1. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." ~From a headstone in Ireland

    Some times it makes harder to loose a loved one... or so it seems. I've always said that I would like to go during Lent... there were stories of family members dying on loved ones birthdays or significant dates and it always put a dent on the survivor's lifes.

    But then I lost my father - in one of those so normal days that it seems the world stopped for that event - and every day, every celebration was hurtful because he was no longer here and it didn't really mater in which day he died. It comes Winter and I can't stop remembering how he loved to walk our Town's streets during Winter, when Summer arrives it's time to remember this and that, on his birthday, on mine... in insignificant and important moments, too.

    So it will pass, Dear Friend. It won't disapear but it will ge better. Trust me. And yourself!


  2. Lieve Francis,

    Ik kan mij voorstellen dat het gemis van je zus deze tijd van het jaar groot is. Ik wens je veel sterkte toe!

    Liefs van Madelief x

  3. I always think about when my parents died. I remember feeling as if something died in me. But I also remember and believe that this is what we are: LIFE. DEATH. REBIRTH. ETERNALLY LOVED. Oh my dear one, I know you will produce the most beautiful thoughts and reflections of all the things in your life. That is what writers do. YOU are a writer. Observe the joy, observe the pain. Write. It will draw out more than you ever imagined from yourself and you will immortalized those you love.


  4. Oh my..this quote is amazing...it is one I must write out! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us...as Anita states..you are a writer...and through the pain comes beauty! Thinking of you dear one. xoxo