donderdag 10 januari 2013

Miracles happen

I cannot stand
when I am having
a hard time
and do not seem
to overcome
and get over it

and the day before
I was SO not being
my calm self
I was restless
and all the time
thinking about a very dear friend
He was not feeling well
and he already is 
very fragile
He is on the waitinglist
to become new longs
you can imagen how bad it has to be
to even get on that list .

always in and out the hospital
and handing in more and more
He was such an 
ENJOYING life type
and had to adjust
more and more and more

my friend Astrid ( his wife )
send me an sms

We are in the hospital
I was over the moon 
This was what he had been waiting for
and how WONDER-FUL
this is possible

so now
we all pray for him
and HOPE
for his new beginning

4 opmerkingen:

  1. To receive a new set of lungs my dear.....what a metaphor I see here. To receive a new chance to BREATHE, to take in LIFE...that is just too beautiful.

    Precious one, I believe in miracles. But before they can occur, we are often stirred by so much doubt and RESTLESSNESS. I know.

    Thinking of you, hoping you take this new day to rejoice in the BIG LOVE OUT THERE that knows every worry in your heart, and loves you so.

    BISOUS, Anita

  2. What happy news! Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing to do...but God always has a plan! We must never give up HOPE!
    Hope is like a golden cord connecting us to heaven!
    Sending you my love today dear one. xoxo

  3. " I cannot stand
    when I am having
    a hard time
    and do not seem
    to overcome
    and get over it"

    And everytime you are in that "place" and aware of you're overcoming and getting over with it.

    Great news for your Friend. I hope all goes well with him; I'll keep him in my prayers... if you'd like to share his name I could put him in my Church's Prayer List. You're there.

    Take Care, Sweet Francis!

  4. Oh,it must be hard for your friend and all those who love him, but I'm sure others praying and thinking of him helped a lot, and hope he will be better very soon.
    Every morning before getting out of bed i use to thank God for my health and the health of my loved ones, it's a precious gift, like little miracles, everyday.
    Wish you a blessed and healthful New Year.