zaterdag 17 augustus 2013



This is how I feel lately
in need of more and more 
and loosing
my freedom to handle

next wednesday
I will hear what the MRI
will show us 


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  1. Oh my dear one.....I am having an EMG next week, then an MRI in three months to show what we cannot yet see.

    Please, please keep ME informed?????

    How are you feeling?

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment; you are always in my thoughts. Anita

  2. Again, I pray that all goes well.

    I am amazed with all the beautiful photos you find. Oh, the colors of the life preservers - perfect!

  3. I will be praying...your answer will be found soon. I will be away that day but will keep you in my heart...please let me know! xoxox

  4. Dear Francis,
    I do hope everything turns out well for you. May God wrap his love around you like a warm blanket during this time.

    Take care, you mean so much to all of us.


  5. There is a time to give
    There is a time to receive.

    There is a time to rejoice
    There is a time to mourn.

    These are wonderful words of "wisdom" of King Solomon and for many, sometimes these words make NO SENSE. They are left open to question, in order for US to find the answer ourselves. But one thing is sure my dear friend, that we are here for each other, as lifesavers, as supports, ears to listen, mouths to speak, hands to reach out, souls in need of HELP from one another, in due time.

    You are a sparkling light when you come by my blog and leave a message. What I enjoy the most is to COMMUNICATE and express to others the joys, pains, the every day musings of a life.

    You ARE DOING what you must. Rest and thought always leave us refreshed for the next task, in due time.

    LOVE!!!!!!! Anita

  6. Praying you will be able to handle the waiting and praying for good outcomes.