woensdag 4 maart 2015

something old , something new ......


something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue

I found the beautiful blue incense box
It was a birthday present 
from my friend Astrid
years ago
I love the blue colors mixed with
some gold .
It also remembered me of 
the time I was a BLUE girl.
My bedroom was all blue .
The Laura Ashley curtains were blue.....

and somewhere on the way
I started to love RED .
My wall in my bedroom became RED 
and more and more 
the blue made place for RED .

I find things I was forgotten I had .
and by finding 
a magical thing happens
MEMORIES come along .....

That is a wonderful thing 
because I am still adjusting
to my new life
kids all on their own
and my dear companions

finding out who I am 
in this new life 
finding out where I stand
which is a whole new experience 
with my new hips.

being able to walk again 
leaving the past behind
with every new step I take .

the old and the new
the past and the future 
I feel new
and yet I am older.

It is 
as it is with SPRING 
coming after winter .
All was gone 
and still very much alive 
hiding in the deep and the dark 

and than
days are longer
more sunshine helps nature
to find her way back 
into the gardens .
and we all are longing to go outside
after a long cold winter.

well that is pretty much 
how I feel right now
and I feel like nature herself 
all that was gone 
wants to start allover 
with all the good from the past
collected in new beginnings

something old
something new
I still love blue 
and all of you 


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Francis, that blue box with the gold rose caught my eye right away. Do you know that I love blue in the home too, but don't have too much of it. I love blue tea cups, they are the prettiest to me. So nice to hear you are enjoying life with your new hips. Being able to walk again is a glorious thing. Winter is definitely over and it's starting to look like spring.

    Happy March, Francis! Enjoy your blues, they are striking.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. What a beautiful set along with a beautiful attitude, Sheri. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your blues are lovely. My problem is that I can't settle on any one single color.

    Enjoy these days as spring comes to life.

  4. YOU are such a wonderful poet dearest Francis! Your ability to write not only clearly, but POETICALLY in your second language is beyond impressive; it is the witnessing of a great gift. Standing as who you are, with two new hips.....and all of us search daily to find out who we stand as in this life...you are brilliant!

    THANK YOU my friend, for coming to visit my post. As you know, I am no longer posting, but I will be coming in from time to time to announce the progress of this book, something that bloggers suggested I do years ago! And now finally, I'm making it happen.

    Dear one, be well, stay STRONG! Anita (oh, yes, when the book comes out, I will let everyone know of its availability!)