zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

come and sit with me

to all of you .
Overhere it's 10.30 in the morning .
Wonderful sunny saterday
and a whole week ahead without school/work.
With the award came the question
to tell some things about myself
you don't know yet .
my favourite word is
I love hanging little things on my chandelier
with golden yarn
Knitting brings me peace of mind
I have 3 sisters and 1 brother = 4
I have two sons and two daughters = 4
I am the oldest of 5
when I feel emotional
and need to let go all the tears
that I saved
I know exactly
what movie I must see
what passage
off they go
My eyes
they are green
and I like that
very much
******* can give the award
forward to three lovely ladies

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Francis this was such a lovely post. I loved having a glimpse into your world a bit further. Have a most wonderful and glorious week just for you!!!!

    Congratulations to the wonderful ladies you forwarded your beautiful award to.

    Enjoy your Saturday. xxxx

  2. Van harte gefeliciteerd met het winnen van de award! Wat heb je een mooi werkje gemaakt van het lijstje dingen die nog niet geweten werden!
    Fijne zondag.

  3. Bonjour chere Francis, nous sommes dans Bourre maintenant. C'est tres tres beau ici >^_^< Geen email wel internet en dus kan ik zo een berichtje achterlaten, hihi. We hadden besloten zaterdag middag te vertrekken en sliepen gisteren in Lille. Het beloven een paar prachtige dagen te worden, qua omgeving, hotel, eten, vriendelijkheid alles. Morgen krijgen we een picknick mand mee.... ik hou je op de hoogte. Welterusten voor straks en een hele fijne week. xxxx

  4. Please..please ...please I want to sit with you on one of those lovely chairs.

    Hope you weekend was relaxful my friend....hugs for a new week. oxoxoox

  5. hi Francis,
    Love to know a little more about you...
    And the pic of the lined chairs under the tree was so impressive!

    congrats to 3 ones who nominated to get the award

    Wish you have a fabulous week ahead!

  6. This was such a lovely,lovely post.
    eight: ! will be back! hehehe

  7. Greetings Francis, Pleased to meet you. Thank you much for the award. I feel honored. I've enjoyed visiting here and I will be back. I'll work on my blog award announcement and hopefully get it posted this week. Again...thank you!

  8. Hi Francis!
    How did I miss this post???!
    I know Saturday and Sunday, my daughter, Rachael, was visiting. Her husband was busy with work all weekend, so she came to help me clean and organize!
    Yesterday we cooked and baked all day :o)
    I'm just relaxing and could use a little time outdoors in one of your rockers. They look so inviting. All of us girls could join you for tea or coffee and a nice chat :D
    *Some day*

    have a wonderful week dear ♥