woensdag 6 oktober 2010

that's life


I'm a mother

and its life's greatest gift to me .

When my children were small

everything was easy .

When they were sad , I could comfort them .

Now they are grownups

and my youngest one is very sad

his girlfriend ended their relationship .



My daughter however has found true love

and is very much IN LOVE ....



Today the postman brought two cards

one because my aunt passed away , 78 years old

the other one because a new baby is born : KAYLEIGH.


I think I need a coffee

and I hope everything will be peaceful for all of you


5 opmerkingen:

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  2. Hello there!
    I am so glad you stopped in for a visit today and said hello. Your blog is also very nice. I love your photos and the fact that you love coffee. I am married to a Swede who also loves coffee so we always have a pot on.
    Stop by any time.

  3. Hi Francis!
    Oh your children have very similar feelings as mine at the moment.
    My middle child got married this June just as my oldest daughter was breaking up with her boyfriend {of 3 years}
    My son is 22 and carefree!
    It's a tender time ♥ isn't it?!
    Parenting is quite a job - most important ~ and now I must be off to my other job...
    Blessings each day ~ Maria

    ps. this is one of my favorite pictures

  4. Oh Francis, sorrow and joy hand in hand is something a bit difficult but I hope all will be ok, my thoughts are with you.

    Have a deliciously long coffee and may peace even in hard times fill your soul. With hugs and kisses xxxx

  5. Oh...What a lovely post, Francis!
    That's life... happiness and sorrow come and go..
    You totally right, it's time to drink a coffee... to make our heart more comfort and warm.

    Hope you have a happy Friday, my good friend!