vrijdag 22 juni 2012

leave it open

times are changing
and so
now is the time
to practice
what I've learned
to be patience
to wait 
to be open for what wants to come
my way
not to worry
have faith
have faith
Happy weekend 
for you all

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Faith is such a gift, Francis!
    Thank you for reminding us to keep our hearts open ~ for always there is more!
    *Blessings to you dear ♥
    Happy, Happy Weekend!

  2. Good morning darling friend.

    I so loved your comment to me on my post, and I so understand.

    In many ways, we are alike. I have NO CHILDREN, though I taught for nine short years. Now, I am here at home, thankfully, with my loving husband, but what awaits me around the corner with this new adventure of trying to produce ART and WRITING is a very dark corner to turn to. I am discouraged, afraid, but at the same time, BOLD to try.

    In your case, you have a new door opening as well. I SO BELIEVE with all my heart, based on seeing the HEARTFELT writing that you produce, that this is YOUR TIME NOW. This is YOUR TIME to chronicle LIFE as you have known it, see it now, and envision it. I always believe that free time is time to WRITE. You my dear, have that gift.

    I am doing what I can. Forcing the art is not working. Creating from the heart works better. But I so believe that you have a wonderful situation to be on your own now, and to take advantage of it. Pull all of your experience, joy, tears and fears TOGETHER and make something happen. Something that ANYONE CAN HEAR and UNDERSTAND.

    I LOOK IN THE POST EVERY DAY to see if a little package from The Netherlands comes......there is a strange error in between our postal systems. A dear dear blogger friend sent me something once and it went to SINGAPORE, TWICE!!!!!!!!!!
    MUCH LOVE TO YOU my beloved friend,


  3. Helemaal waar Francis, wacht op wat er op je pad komt....als je je er open voor stelt gebeuren de mooiste dingen! Fijn weekend en lieve groet