zaterdag 30 juni 2012


my little 
Happy Time 

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  1. See the love and beauty you bring?????? Each act of love, great or small is a shining gem in your crown my dear...and the little one will remember your voice...Anita

  2. An empty home is like an empty canvas, waiting for the artist to color it with LIFE. You are that artist my beloved friend. YOU ARE.

    You are now adding layer upon layer onto another life: EVA'S LIFE. Like buds falling off a tree for the leaves to follow, so are our lives. But the tree still stands and that is our gift.

    I AM THRILLED that you got the card! The picture is one that I drew for a blog header for

    MARCIA at
    The Shop Around the Corner blog.

    Have a marvelous day my dear; the birds are calling me to go make a walk and then PAINT my studio walls! BISOUS, Anita

  3. Happy weekend my friend...enjoy your little Eva. Such joy in song and love.
    School is now out for me and the Summer is waiting....the possibilities are endless right now...I love the beginning of Summer holidays. xoxoxo

  4. the quote. If we'd all just sing our heart song what a choir we would have!