maandag 2 juli 2012

tea time

a cup of tea
some cards
and letters
is such
a sweet moment


3 opmerkingen:

  1. YES IT IS.

    I am taking a break from preparing a room to is such hard work, especially in this infernal heat!!!!!!

    Thinking of you precious Francis. Anita

  2. Hi Francis!
    I've been painting all day {now we're painting bedrooms!}
    and you have reminded me to take a few extra minutes to rest and make a cuppa tea! It's 4:10pm and it's the perfect time for afternoon tea. I do enjoy hot tea even on hot afternoons. We ♥ tea.
    *happy evening to you, Francis ~ and a lovely Tuesday too!

  3. Do you know that I have been looking for the perfect tea cup, Francis? For some reason, the blue ones are the prettiest to me. There's nothing like a cup of tea, is there? Except perhaps a cup of coffee. hehe
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley