dinsdag 24 juli 2012


for not being here
Since I have my house
for my own now
all my children
are having 
their own place now 
I needed time
The empty rooms
had to be empty 
and I needed to accept
that emptiness
I could move on.
and I am so so glad 
take that time
So much happened
I had to give up
my job
being a teacher
was not only 
my job 
it was also what I loved
to do and to be 
it was also my hobby

I missed it SO SO MUCH
and I came in this 

Had to find out 
who I was 
without my job 

and than my 
beautiful 28 years young
daughter ELISABETH
was diagnosed
with breast-cancer
and we had to deal 
with all of that.
It happened to her
but it also happened to us 
her mother
her sister
and her two brothers
and her friends 
and family
She has been so very ill
from the chemo's
she lost her beautiful long hair
and her eyebrows
and her eyelashes
and so much more
things happened 

she also is 
a very bright and happy 
and so full of life
and future

she recovered 
her hair is growing
she has her own appartment now
and she is doing well

we as her family
all learned a lot

and I am so 
and thankful
for all the support
from my blogfriends

you were thinking
of me and her
all over the world
was a true

and than 
life went on 
my house
had empty rooms

the first change
was a guest-room
and than 
there was one room
so filled with stuff-things-boxes
from the children
They all left things behind
that needed to stay a bit longer !
they came
and sorted-out
and the room is empty now 
the sunlight comes in again
and that made me 
Light in my house 
new future 
new energy 
new plans

and than
last sunday
my children arrived
with buckets full paint
and brushes and all kind of stuff
to paint the empty rooms

the house was filled
with voices and music
and they worked hard
and I was not allowed to 
see even a glimp

me downstairs
with my granddaughter Eva
not knowing 
so happy
to hear them
and singing
and did I hear dancing ?
and working

and now
my dream
( for years )
came true
I have my very own
not only did they paint 
the whole room
They also made 
a desktop all along the longest wall !
as in my dreams
underneath the desktop
the work is in progress
They are going to make 
a whole new floor-covering too !

a make-over
from them
for me 

I am over the moon
and so happy
but also so proud 
to be their mother

When they are done
I can start 
and bring all my things
in my workingroom

to come


6 opmerkingen:

  1. My most darling friend,

    Your journey is one of discovery....I know it. One of the things that I have DISCOVERED about growing older is that all of the past is part of the present. Who you WERE is who you ARE STILL, but who you will BECOME. With the LOVE of your family that is forever there for you, you will also blossom and grow into the woman you were meant to be. You know that I had a house guest and she barely left on Saturday. I am taking this week to sort myself out again, but the first thing I want to do is to sit down and WRITE TO YOU, in response to that fabulous letter.

    Now I must begin my day, but I am THRILLED to know that new beginnings are waiting for you. An empty room is like a canvas. You have all the PAINTS READY....all the memories and experiences to bring to the empty canvas. LOVE TO YOU ON THIS DAY! Anita

  2. Jolie foto !! :O) j`aime bien!!! :O) J`adore le choses vintage ! C`est jolie!!!
    Have a nice day!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  3. Yahoooooo....I am so happy for you...everything takes time but when one door closes another one opens. You will have a studio...oh my what you will do in that studio! I just know something good is bound to happen..you are so creative..new things are coming your way my friend...have dreams for they will come true!
    What a blessing your family is! Fill that room {and house} with all things beautiful..be surrounded with the things you love!
    I will come this Spring for tea and see your studio and bring you something for it! I am soooo excited for you my friend. New possibilities away you.

  4. How wonderful. your children are so great, because you raised them that way. I hope all your dream will come true. I love the way you write in your blog, keep doing it. As you found out yourself "you are never too old to set another goal or to start a new dream."
    Best wishes

  5. Dear Francis,
    You have a wonderful family - all of them pitching in to make your dream of a working space come true. May this be your first creation. You just created a little story that should be put up somewhere. It really touched my heart, and made me smile in a big way. With this short story, you are exuding positive energy all around the world, and how special is that? Please show us the progress of your little room. I would love to see it. Give your family a big hug from Sheri in California. They truly are beautiful people, and when they work together as a team, anything is possible.
    Love to you,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. ahhhhh, I can feel the love your home holds, how wonderful dear Francis...... what your children did, touches my heart so deeply. What sorts of beauty do you think you will create in your new found studio????? beading jewelry? writing in a journal, coloring, painting, reading, something new perhaps? something you've never tried before? Is there somewhere in your area that might offer some fun artsy type classes? Oh Francis, you are such a bright spirit, I admire you so much, and your outlook on life, the good and not so good things life has to offer. Hugging you..... I do love you dear friend..... many hugs, rena