vrijdag 8 maart 2013

far away and also close-by

Far away .... across the sea

One morning , 
the wind blew a letter
under the squirrel's front door.

The envelop was blue 
and smelt of salt,
as if 
it had travelled
from far away ,
across the sea.

The squirrel opened the letter 
and read :

I wish you all the best 
with what you read here.
I hope that it touches you and
who knows
that it might even
make you weep
 with tears of happiness.
Don't write back to me,
but enjoy my words 
and hope fervently
you'll get more such letters.

Your humble
bird of paradise

The next day,
the squirrel received
a letter in a red envelope.
It smelt of palm and reeds.

What did you think of my last letter ?
Beautiful, eh ? 
And this one is even more beautiful.
This letter 
will make you quiver with happiness.
Do you ever quiver with happiness ?
Or do you do something else
with happiness ?
Beam ? 
Glow ?
If you glow ,
 then you should be glowing now.

Your insignificant
 bird of paradise

The following day,
another letter arrived.
It was a yellow letter
that smelt of pine and wild tea.


The letter you'll
 receive tomorrow.........
Oh, that letter ....

Your most unfindable
 bird of paradise

The next morning,
the squirrel woke up early.
He sat by his front door 
and listened to the wind,
hoping that it might
just deliver 
another letter .

a little story
from my favorite writer
The book is called
and is translated by
Martin Cleaver

Happy weekend
to all of you

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, this makes me want to write a little story RIGHT NOW! Heaven knows that I have many dear hearts across the sea that I love....you being one of them. May the bird of paradise always brighten your day blessed friend! Anita

  2. This is just so darling...and the illustrations looks just as sweet. Can't wait to see you dear heart! xoxo

  3. Wat een mooi verhaal Francis! Tot gauw!

    Madelief x