vrijdag 17 mei 2013


le bleuté devient jaune
et c'est aujourd'hui.

het blauwige wordt geel
en het is vandaag

the blue-ish becomes yellow
and today is here 

written by my friend Barbara
who is french

Today is here
anita organised
a Paris Simply Irresistible Party
on this tour
is able to make new friends
to visit
and take a look



My name is Francis
and I live in HOLLAND
I am a mother of four
all living on their own now
and a grandmother of Eva who is almost 2
I was a kindergarten-teacher
but now I do not work anymore
so I am a happy stay-at-home-girl
and I love blogging

Blogging is where I have met
some amazing and inspiring women
living all over the world

wish I could make you some macarons

and invite you over
for tea or coffee

or to stay longer
and make you lunch or dinner

There are a few bloggers
I send mail and they surprise me
with wonderful
postcards letters or even packages

I love the real handwritten mail
and the beautiful stamps

has been a blessing for me
and helped me to discouver
who I am
without my children and my job

to know there are 
far away and yet not so far
is so wonderful

I have learned so much when I 
began to write in english 
a big step for a dutch girl
I have a love for language , 
and I do love French too

before I was a mother 
I drove a citroen 2CV
I had a blue one
and also a red one
I love the sound they make
and the comfort the soft bobbing
and the open roof in the summer

In a few hours 
I can be in France by car
how MAGICAL is that
I love the country 
I have friends who live there
I love the PETIT PAIN



38 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Francis,
    I'm so glad you are joining us this year, and your post is simply delightful. I love the star dust, as you know I love fairies hehehe. How exciting that you are only a few hours away from France. Your English is wonderful and I'm so inspired by you, as learning another language is not an easy thing to do.

    Stop by and see me sometime if you get a chance.

    a bientot, Francis.


  2. Lovely to meet you on our French Blogging Trip ;-)
    I LOVE your star dust...have a magical time...

  3. La deuch, ma voiture fétiche !
    J'en ai eu deux, et c'était un bonheur !
    A la prochaine ...

  4. My dear and beautiful Francis,

    DANK U
    THANK YOU for always reaching out in ways that many people would never dream of doing, but YOU have done. First of all, your English skills are EXCEPTIONAL and beyond. The fact that you can express deep thoughts with beautiful word choices and imagery is a gift. But the fact that you extend those gifts in kind words and deeds is a blessing that has touched me in many ways.

    I AM SO HAPPY that you are part of this link party. I have been enjoying it all morning long and intend to continue all day. It is such a special time to see all of us reach out.

    HAVE FUN!!!!! Anita

  5. You have so many beautiful images on your blog! Your post is so charming and I love the 'oui' pin.

  6. Good afternoon Francis
    I just needed a moment to sit still at his words, you are a lovely woman, full of sweetness and passion for beautiful things.
    I'm from Spain, Madrid and am delighted to meet people as fantastic as you tour through Anita.
    I'll be watching your blog from today, and it would be a pleasure to continue to enjoy the beauty together.
       Luisa Maria

  7. Just a little HALLO to wish you a beautiful tour mon amie. Anita

  8. Hello Francis,
    You write very well,and your blog a joy to visit.I too learned alot from blogging.Met so many wonderful people, like you.These types of parties are a wonderful start to blogging.
    It has been a great pleasure to meet you,
    'a la prochani,
    Marie Antionette

  9. Salut, Francis! Moi aussi, J'adore la langue Française! J'espère que tu as un très bon weekend, et que le soleil brille! And your English is brilliant, too! I would love to learn Dutch, we learn German in school, but not Dutch, unfortunately.

  10. Wat een mooi blogberichtje, ik heb ervan genoten!

  11. I forgot to say, I love writing letters, I am an old fashioned girl! If you email me your address, we can be pen pals!

  12. Yours is a very unique and enjoyable hello. I wish you could make ME some macaroons, too! I have a special place in my heart for Dutch, having had the maiden name of Osterhout, and seeing as my favorite artist of all time is Anton Pieck.

  13. Leuk dat je ook in Frankrijk bent !!...we gaan er een gezellige week van maken...liefs Ria...xxx..

  14. Dear Francis so very wonderful to meet you! I wish I could speak Dutch. Just as you, I feel so fortunate for all of my blog friends around the world; and hope you will now be one!

    Come and see my Adventure in France!

    Art by Karena

  15. Hello Francis. This is a lovely collection of images for this blog hop. Well done. :)

  16. Coming by to hug you my sweet friend! ENJOYING YOURSELF? Anita

  17. That was such a lovely post! Your story is so beautiful!

  18. Hi Francis, it is so wonderful to meet you because of Anita and her party!!! I read a few of your posts and from them I learned this: I like you!!! I've never known anyone from Holland and yet I could tell that if you lived next door to me, we would be fast friends.

    Your French post was so enjoyable to read and view, and then to read about your Queen (and now, new King).... and then your post about the written letter and how you love words.
    I love calligraphy and have studied it some, and the beautifully written word really affects me so beautifully.
    I looked at one of the shorter videos of that type designer and was so moved by him and his love for drawing letters.
    Thank you!

    ~ Violet

  19. Hi Francis, it is so nice to meet you via dear Anita's party.
    What a lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. A lovely post from a very lovely lady, dear Francis!
    Many thanks to our dear Anita for bringing us all together in this wonderful way...
    Your world here is so gentle...and like you, blogging has helped me re-discover myself...
    I have visited Holland, and I must tell you that I have never met kinder people overseas..
    The Dutch language is so beautiful too...
    Merci encore for sharing this dear post, and I am a new follower! :)
    Gentle blessings,
    - Irina

  21. Such a lovely post...I especially enjoyed your friend's poem...in French. I am saving those words to read another day.

    I am a new follower.


  22. I am new here, coming over from Anita's party. Your blog is lovely and I am really enjoyed your posts. It's a pleasure to meet you. I would love to visit and taste your homemade creations.....Linda

  23. Today is my first visit to your blog having found you at the Anita's party. I too am participating in the party.

    I LOVE your blog - so much eye candy. I am now following you and can't wait to visit more, but I have so many other party guests to visit.

  24. Wonderful to meet you via Anita. I agree with everything you say. I too started blogging after my daughter became more independent. It does fill a gap and the people you meet, all around the world, are marvellous. You are lucky to be just a short drive to France. I will be there next week.
    Happy days!

  25. Hi Francis. Lovely to discover your blog through the fabulous Anita. Macarons and coffee sounds delicious. A la prochaine.

  26. Mijn vriendin,

    Oh how your comment this morning made me so happy! I see many of my friends are here to greet you dearest, and I have to tell you that Violet and Irina and Penny (along with my precious Dutchess) are women with whom I correspond daily. They are precious friends whose love for the written word and art enrich my life. I agree with Violet and Irina; whenever I encounter a Dutch blogger, I can only say that KINDNESS and sweetness is a hallmark of your lives. It has been a rich experience getting to know you all through the written word, that expresses so much between us all, yet has one characteristic that makes it all so bittersweet: the physical absence of YOU.

    But the written word forces us to explore more than what the physical presence requires; and for that reason, we press on to make our writing a special art that leaves a trail of friendship.

    I am SO thrilled that you are part of this party, and may your "travels" this week feed your spirit, put a smile on your face, and open up new friendships!

    BON VOYAGE! Anita

  27. C'est un joli post plein de fraîcheur et d'humour. Moi aussi j'ai eu des 2CV quand j'étais jeune !

    Bonjour de France! Je participe aussi à la partie d'Anita

  28. Lovely to meet you, coming over from Anita's blog party. Such a graceful place you have here.

  29. bonjour and was so lovely to discover your blog, via Anita's party.
    You have shared a fabulous post and great to see your photos.
    I also love 2 CV's and a friend had one, the only problem it was left hand drive, and very strange driving on our roads.

    Happy week

  30. Beautiful Francis,

    How lovely it is to see our friends here with you, at your beautiful blog. Thinking of you and I also wanted to ask, how is Elisabeth?

    Peace and joy to you mijn lieve vriendin. Anita

  31. Francis, nice to meet you and your beautiful blog. Lovely post!

  32. Thank you for a lovely post. I love the Parisian fridge! Very funny!

  33. Francis, it was a delight reading your post! Happy to meet you via Anita's party!

  34. What a lovely post!! I am happy I found you through Anita's link party!!

  35. Such great photos and...I love your sidebar! All those sweet photos. I think my favorite (though hard to decide on one) is the angel holding the heart. Found you here through Anita's link party. So much fun to wind our way through so many other's little slices of France. Thank you for sharing yours. And your sidebar has me inspired.
    Hugs to you, Kirsten

  36. Hello Francis,

    What a lovely post! I am having fun still making my rounds on this party! Don't you just love blogging and meeting so many great people? I can totally relate. I have a two year old, my first child. Isn't that such a fun age? I bet you enjoy your grand child.

    So nice to meet you. I am now following you.
    Heidi @ hi-d's place

  37. I agree. I have met amazing people and found a way to share something I am passionate about with others who feel the same way. The gifts that have come my way because of it are too numerous to count. Good for you to be able to communicate in so many languages. Thanks to Anita for bringing new spirits together to meet and get to know one another.
    Love the old Citroen!!