woensdag 29 mei 2013

swinging from the past into the future

I am for my new garden.
I am absolutely the worst
in letting go

And yet
I am learning
it is amazing

wonderful things happen
and my new garden
is so wonderful 

This is NOT
my garden 
but my WISH 

I do have lots of space now
new space
so the inspiration
can come !

I could have
something like this
but thanks to my neighbour
my beautiful
very big chestnut tree
is gone
for two years now

time to move on 
and start over .
That's life 


5 opmerkingen:

  1. And life it is, that lives in a garden. Ever changing, surprises popping up in unexpected places, but ALWAYS with a fragrance of beauty! I AM SO HAPPY to have seen your comment today my precious Francis! And to know that your garden is taking shape. I wish I could be there, and you here; I was just in my garden, READING! I have white inpatiens, green boxwood hedges and moss growing around the tree. An urn of dried lavender sits on my bistro table and when there is a breeze, it sends the scent of lavender to me...I LOVE TO READ or watercolour in my garden. What do YOU like to do in yours?

    Much love, Anita

  2. Oh I am so happy for you my friend...a new garden..you will be so happy sitting in it! I can just see you now....coffee and a book with the sunshine ....so so perfect. I have missed you...life has been so busy for me but soon it will be summer and I will be free as a bird. hugs to you my sweet dear Francis!

  3. Francis,
    I'm glad that you are finding joy in your garden. I would love to see it sometime. There are so many pretty flowers you can plant, and maybe get a birdhouse for the birds. Wouldn't that be nice? Enjoy your garden, my friend. It will bring you much peace.


  4. fijn dat je nieuwe tuin af is Frances. Ik hoop dat je gauw een paar foto's kunt laten zien! Alvast heel veel tuinplezier toegewenst de komende dagen. Volgens mij wordt het mooi weer :-)!

    Madelief x

  5. Oh your garden looks amazing, and perfect for sitting and reading, sipping tea, watching the birds. Let's hope for a beautiful summer!