maandag 14 oktober 2013

where it started love for MUIZEN ( mice )

Typical Dutch Tradition
 Beschuit met muisjes
, (sugar coated aniseed )
 to celebrate the birth of a baby
. Pink muisjes for a baby girl, blue for a boy

Muisje = mouse

When I had my first child
I became to be a mother 
and my life changed 

Before that 
I had been working as a 
in a Waldorf School .

I choose to be a 
stay-at-home mother .
and one day 
walking with my first-born
in the park
I met another mother 
also walking with her first-born
in that park
and we started talking
we became friends ...

we had lots of coffee-and-play-dates
and than we were BOTH pregnant
from our second child 
at the same time 
We both had boys
and than we got girls 
and still when the years went by 
we stayed friends
and were creative stay-at-home-moms
and learned a lot
from each other .

Than I moved to another town
and a bigger house !
and we started sending MAIL 


and we made 
and send
eachother mice-presents 

We had a third child 
not at the same time 
and I had a fourth .....

we still had coffee once and a while
and than I devorced
and a few years later she too...

the mail and the presents
were a joy in our friendship .

and still are 

and than
I got my first MAILEG mouse
in a box
from a very wonderful SHOP
by a bloggerfriend
and a new hobby started .....

she arrived too

and the one on the right !

and my first grandchild
was born 
and you know what

she loves the mice too 
and she is two years old now
and we play a lot
with my little friends

like this !



now you know
about me and mice 

have a wonderful OCTOBER


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een lieve blog en wat een waardevolle vriendschap. Ik hoop dat je nog lang kunt genieten van allerlei muizen gespeel! x

  2. Now, those are some mice I wouldn't mind finding in my house.

    They are so, so cute.

    I also love all of the beautiful photos on your sidebar.

  3. Good evening my dear Francis! I am late....I was teaching all day and you know what? I wish I could be a stay at home wife. I love teaching, but the world is changing too fast for me...I cannot keep up.

    Mice, rabbits, birds, horses, dogs....they all have a special place in my heart, and when I was engaging in my other blog, NOWHERE with another dear and wonderful Dutch ZUSTER, a California and Washington State friend and my husband, we had SO MUCH FUN. But work calls and I had to put aside the little world that we all created drawing mice, rats and other fun creations. I love your mice, every single one.

    Peace and goodness to you, Anita

  4. Francis,
    What a wonderful friendship, and what a nice tradition that you had with her by sending notes and gifts back and forth. I'll tell you a secret, I have a fear of MICE, YIKES! But I must say that these little ones are darling.


  5. Oh sweet little mice! It's lovely that you are Nana Mouse!