maandag 9 december 2013



My fysiotherapist
teaches me 
not only what exercises I have to do 

He listens to me and shows me
the importance
of ATTENTION .......

Slow down
 and start at the beginning ...
listening to my body 
What do I feel 
Where do I feel 

and THAT is 
not as easy as it sounds ...
so I am learning 
each and every day


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the quote. You have come so far, but you are still on your way.

  2. I AGREE WITH ART AND SAND MY FRIEND. Love it . YOU have come so far but your still on your way . I Will write that down. thanks for sharing . xoxox HUGS and holiday blessings

  3. Everything worth waiting for takes time. Just think how far you have come already!

  4. So very true my friend. Listening is an art that needs to be taught. I feel fortunate that I am a language teacher, but not only do I teach my students how to write and speak, but I also teach them how to listen, for without that skill, there is no way they can advance.

    You are getting there, but never forget the JOURNEY you are taking. It's probably the most important of all. Love! Anita