donderdag 5 december 2013

It's allright


I love them .
I mean the surprise-presents

The other surprises
Like the things that happen
to you and you did not expect it
and you also do not like it 
Those surprises are coming
and going too of course .

I try to treat them the same
So ..... When something unexpected is happening
and I do not like it at all 
I try to look at it 
as if it was a SURPRISE-GIFT 
wrapped in beautiful paper and
making me smile .
And than I wonder what 
the meaning of this-happening could be ....

You see 
with my first reaction 
I immediately give it NO chance at all.

With my new reaction
I leave things open 
I get surprised

BEFORE my new hip
There was so much I did not like
but it felt like I had NO choice
AFTER my new hip
things changed 
I got my happy-JOY-thinking back
Let them come
I love them 


2 opmerkingen:

  1. This is a WONDERFUL way to look at every thing that comes out way my dear friend. This whole situation, it has caused you to see surprises in a totally different way. I'd venture to say that this is a poetic experience, and the way you are causing ME to see this now is through YOUR poetry. Always give your readers a chance to see something in a different way.

    Oh how I just wish you another wonderful day of POETRY! Anita

  2. Surprises are not always fun, but it looks like you are being optimistic about them and that always makes life easier.