vrijdag 3 januari 2014

by myself


to ALL of you .

For the very first time
in my whole life
I spend the ending of 2013
and the beginning of 2014
all by myself .

I would not call it ....alone
No ....it was BY MYSELF 

I wished for that 
and it went like that 
My children all had other plans
wonderful plans 
And that was also what I wished for !

I needed this 
to be all by myself 
in this special moment .
I needed the peace and quiet
of the evening
and had time to say goodbye
to 2013 in which a lot happened for me .

To experience
my inner peace
was a great thing .

a great part of my life 
I have been focussing 
on others
and that's fine
I should have been focussing
on myself a bit more ....

Now is the time
that is happening 
this event for once all by myself
was so wonderful .

You know
being by yourself
does not mean you are alone.
I felt blessed
with my children
and my family
and my friends
and my house
and my life

and I wished myself

For once
this was a healing experience
and next year
I hope to be with a lot !

once and a while


5 opmerkingen:

  1. I actually crave this time...because I know that even when I am by myself, I am not alone. How can I be? There is something INSIDE all of us that inhabits this flesh, that cradles something far more lasting. Yes, that time to yourself is vital for so many reasons, and one of them is to discover that it is beautiful to spend time alone with "you."

    Francis, thank you for visiting! I am always so happy to see you my friend. No, I will not quit, though one of the doubts that has tried to interfere with my "vision" is the decline in visitors...but what am I complaining about...other than I wonder if all the hard work we ALL put into our posts is wasted, because after all, we do what we do to share it. But people have their reasons to stop visiting, and I must move on - also, time is a reason to reconsider. Time in front of the screen can be dangerous for anyone seeking to write poetry as I do....but then again, with so much inspiration on the screen that connects us with the world, how can I resist?

    Blogging remains for me however, that adventure with others like you, who are still and will forever be courageous enough to search for new experiences. Much love to you dearest Francis....you are so special. Anita

  2. I completely understand the joy of being alone because I rarely get any time to myself. I stay up late at night because the house is quiet and I feel alone while others are sleeping.

    Happy 2014!

  3. Ik wens je een fantastisch 2014 en volgens mij was de start goed! Heerlijk hoor: me-time. Lieve groet

  4. Oh, "alone time" is so important to me, Francis. It's a chance to catch up on things. I had a lot of company over Christmas, and now I am just resting and enjoying the new year coming my way. I love your positive thoughts, and I love those pink roses!

    Have a good week Francis.