woensdag 15 januari 2014



a beautiful poem 
written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Today I have been traveling
along blogs I follow.
You should see me.
I am still in my pijama's
I am listening to music 
I have a lot of stuf all around me 
My Iphone , 
I use it for translations 
My Ipad , to look on Pinterest
and my writing block and pen
because I like to 
write down myself
scentenses or words I like/love
Also my coffee and water .

Sitting with my OLD laptop
because making a new post for my blog
works for me
only on my laptop 
Wish I could on my Ipad but .....no


There are those days
that start with emptiness inside me
Starting the day is a challenge
every day
It takes me a while before I
am all done upstairs and able to go
and longing for SUNSHINE
light and warm 

than I went on my way
along beautiful inspiring blogs

Thank you all
for being here !

is my home-work !


5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this poem. I stopped right in my tracks and wrote it down. I do the same things. I have a book , I write , journal, Pintrest you blog, FB all the social stuff. Also read Theodore Roosevelt WRITINGS call Dare Greatly. I read it every morning. I think you would love it. HUGS and have a blessed day my friend. Thanks for sharing this

  2. Beautiful words by Tolkien.

    Some days, I would love to lie around in my PJs and relax. But, it seems that there is always a project screaming at me that it wants to be done.

    Take the time to heal . . . you must walk now before you can run.

  3. I hope you came by my blog my friend....I have a little something about courage! And enjoy your recovery AND discovery of yourself. It is a delight when we can find something BEAUTIFUL in every thing. MUCH LOVE! Anita

  4. Oh, I love the poem, Francis. I must write this one down. I have met many courageous blog friends along the way. And they speak to my heart every day. I will give you a bit of my sunshine today. It's still very cold, but the sun is smiling on me.

    Have a very nice weekend.


  5. I do just like you do, read blogs and comment on my iPad, but revert to the trusty old laptop for writing my posts.