zondag 16 maart 2014

shining out like gold stitches


finding my way
through the days
with my new hips 

slowing down
every step needs attention
be in the moment

is the right season
for new beginnings

I am enjoying
every new step


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wise words from Mr Berry. You are so positive, so your recovery will be swift!

  2. And that is OK. My next post happens to touch upon this idea, and I will be posting in a few hours. Oh Francis, you are doing remarkably well, I just know it. A good attitude to push you to places you never imagined is what will remain in the memory of your children, grandchildren, and the people who know you. What we leave behind in spirit is more valuable than what we leave behind in material things. You are making a path for Eva to follow: A WOMAN OF COURAGE. Be well today my friend. Anita

  3. Fijn dat het goed gaat Francis en je zo geniet van je eerste stappen buiten! Een goede week toegewenst!

    Madelief x

  4. Love your blog. I am a new follower here. LOVED it all and the pictures are amazing. Have a blessed St pattys day my new friend. Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl .

  5. Francis,
    Love is one of our greatest gifts of all. This quote is so special that I will write it down. I'm so glad you are getting around with your new hips. Life is good for you right now, my friend.


  6. How wonderful that your new hips have made you new again. Take your time and enjoy exploring your world.