zondag 2 maart 2014


This is EVA
my granddaugther 
she is 2 years and 9 months young.

She is the 
of my life.

She is a little angel
who guided me
to where I am now.

I have been given
a new chance
a new life .

Three dark lonely years
are behind me now.
My little light in those years 
has been 
sweet sweet EVA.

Being who she is
living her life on her own happy way 
has been my true 

She has been the mean reason
to be brave 
and have the operations .

In the light of SPRING 
listening to the birds 
feeling the sunshine on my face
I feel deep deep deep gratitude
the present life has given me 
finding myself
in all of these experiences 
from the last three years .

I had to learn 
to let go of my children
and I had to let go
my amazing job
as a kindergarten teacher
and I had to look at my life
as a single mom of four 
with a fulltime job .
and there was the part I never excepted
My husband leaving me
and our four children
and that was that.
My way of surviving was
go on and put the grieve far away .

Why mention it now ....still
after all those years .

I am FREE now.
My two new hips
gave me new BALANCE
and a strong support
to stand on my 
own feet 

my little EVA
is all in one

I can look at her 
as a grandmother
from my own years
as a mother ,
I can look at her 
from all my years as a teacher
and I feel so blessed 
with all of that .
She shows me how wonderful
my children are doing.
They are strong people
and EVA brings us all together 
in a whole new family-way 
filled with LOVE .

I am back !

my life now feels like 
the SPRING in the air
so much is waiting to come out
to blossom and bloom .


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Lijkt me heerlijk als je je weer helemaal happy voelt na een zware moeilijke tijd wat ik uit je post begrijp....geniet van het leven iedere dag weer lieverd...!!....liefs van mij...x !

  2. Wat een schatje je kleindochter !!!....x !

  3. "Balance" as you so eloquently say here my friend, is one of the gifts we are given to go on. Love this. Anita

  4. Beautiful words, beautiful Eva. Happy to hear you are making such good progress woth the new hip.

  5. What gifts! Your sweet little Eva! Your family and your new hips! A new day and a new future. You are blessed. Time marches on and we must march on with it ...we can not change yesterday ...we do not know what the future holds but we can enjoy this day and be GRATEFUL for it...every little second of it. You are amazing...strong/intelligent/full of spirit/gentle and kind and a wonderful FRIEND! I am so blessed to know YOU! LOVE always xoxoxo

  6. Lieve Francis,
    Wat ben ik blij voor je!
    Goed om jou verhaal zo in het kort te lezen en te zien dat er ook weer een zon in jou leven is en dat alles weer een positieve wending heeft gekregen! Je verdiend het zo, als er iemand altijd een positief effect op mij heeft in blogposten en FB dan ben jij dat!
    Dus fijnfijnfijn dat ook jouw leven nu weer zoveel voor je in petto heeft!
    Tot snel
    heel veel liefs

  7. Wat heerlijk dat het zo goed nu gaat! 2 nieuwe heupen die maken dat je straks weer de hele wereld aan kan! Samen met die prachtige kleindochter van je. Lieve groetjes

  8. Geweldig...wat zullen ze trots op je zijn !!